100+ Ideas for Local Goodness in YEG

Looking for a few ways to spread local goodness in YEG? 

Small acts together can have a big impact, so why not commit to one today? 

(Remember, you’re not alone! There’s a whole goodness movement behind you, and you can read more about it here).

So without further ado…

Here’s our list of 100+ Ideas for Local Goodness in YEG

40+ Things You Can Do With Your Time

100+ ideas
  1. Learn more about the labour history in Alberta in support of today’s frontline workers. 
  2. Print out some pro-labour movement colouring pages and colour away!
  3. Research how third-party delivery apps gouge local businesses, and to consider the privileges afforded to those who have the ability to spend their money this way.  
  4. Do this DIY Soil-Test for You and the Kids.
  5. Check out Edmonton’s Indigenous Shopping Guide to check out the competitive options for some of the services you already need or enjoy.
  6. Read up on the City of Edmonton’s Long-term Environmental Plan.
  7. Familiarize yourself with our agricultural supporters and spend some time reading the Edmonton Planting Calendar
  8. Participate in a local climate science experiment and become a citizen scientist by clicking here
  9. Click here for a great list of Edmonton books, and learn about the local authors calling Edmonton home!
  10. See if you’ve been to every one of the local cafes and coffee shops listed at the end of this article.
  11. Alberta Health Services has a number of volunteer roles available through various hospitals and health care facilities. They aren’t taking any more volunteers for contact tracing, but there’s still plenty you can do to help. If you have previous medical experience, you can also apply to volunteer through the Alberta College of Pharmacyor the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta.
  12. Check out the Alberta Cares Connector, a new platform designed to connect Albertans who want to help with local volunteer and community service opportunities.
  13. Find a local community garden near you and take a stroll. 
  14. Learn how to build your own co-victory garden or start a compost for your household or neighbourhood.
  15. View some of the local Indigenous and Métis art available online from our small list near the end of this article
  16. Download the local app that shares recycling and compost/ waste pickup information. 
  17. Coordinate efforts within local neighbourhoods to donate materials or extra plants (or produce later in the year!) to those in need.
  18. Educate yourself about climate change using this great learning tool for the budding environmentalists among us from the Alberta Council for Environmental Education. 
  19. Learn what “Guerilla Gardening” means. 
  20. Learn how to compost at home using this Edmonton Guide to Composting.
  21. Learn how you can Create A Community Garden Near You
  22. Register as a grower or picker with Operation Fruit Rescue.
  23. Donate some of your used goods to one of the local thrift stores from our list at the bottom of this article
  24.  Make a challenge with your family to see who can find the most spare change laying around, and the winner gets to donate it to the non-profit of their choice!
  25. Donate some of your old electronics to C5, and promote literacy in Edmonton. 
  26. Check out the resources available at Youth Mental Health Canada.
  27. Educate yourself about the groups in our city who are already committing themselves to environmental sustainability, and learn what they’re all about! (Start with Climate Justice Edmonton, or Extinction Rebellion). 
  28. If you want to actively contribute to health care, you can participate in a COVID-19 study (or any other study) through Be The Cure, an Alberta-wide platform for health research. 
  29. Cards for Courage is a nonprofit based in the USA that’s working to get handmade thank-you cards to front-line workers. Contact your Edmonton chapter to get more details and have your cards distributed at local hospitals.
  30. If you’d rather share supplies than cash, check out Conquer COVID-19, an organization that distributes donated items to the places where they’re most needed.
  31. Volunteer for your favorite local festivals (if they haven’t been cancelled this year), who are finding themselves having to rethink their options and create an online experience.
  32. Reach out to a local climate leader and ask how you can help directly. 
  33. Educate yourself on your own carbon footprint, and your individual effect on our environment. 
  34. Another way to share your time is to check out the local film-making organization FAVA – The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta. These folks have a call out now for a film festival that can likely still go ahead since it already takes place in public spaces (transit stations) and online, so it’s physical-distance-compliant.
  35. Sign up for daily messages of encouragement from Text4Hope to help you build coping skills and resiliency. 
  36. You can donate blood through Canadian Blood Services; just call ahead at 1-888-2-DONATE or visit their website to find out where and when you can donate.
  37. If you’d like to help health care workers, use GroceryHero, a platform that enables volunteers to buy groceries for busy health care professionals. 
  38. Put some of Edmonton’s upcoming craft fairs in your calendar so you remember to go when the time comes! We’ve included a list of a few in this article
  39. Bone up on local resources which help explain how women, gender and sexual minorities, and those with unstable housing status, age and prior health condition, and income status/poverty (among other variables) intersect to heighten the negative health, social, emotional and economic impacts of our recent pandemic.
  40. Make sure to check out the list from Hingston & Olsen, based out of both Edmonton and Calgary, and to explore their publication process, as well as the processes of other canadian publishing houses. 
  41. Read this article which lists links to some of Edmonton’s Caremongering efforts during our recent pandemic. 
  42. Consider volunteering with the Edmonton & District Historical Society. They’re a volunteer-run organization dedicated to preserving the history of our city, and have an excellent repertoire of historical information about Edmonton’s past. 
  43. Sign up for a Native Studio Art class online.
  44. Spend some time exploring and enjoying some of the wonderful music Edmonton has to offer.

30+ Things You Can Do With Your Money

100+ ideas
  1. Support one of the local bakeries from our list at the bottom of this article.
  2. Support safe and organic food delivery and make your first purchase with Organic Box or Spud.
  3. Make a donation to some of the local food sustainability organizations listed at the end of this article
  4. Support local history and buy a copy of  The Life of a Neighbourhood: A History of Edmonton’s Oliver District, 1870 to 1950
  5. Support the restaurants who supported us during quarantine and check out #EatWithMeYEG’s comprehensive list of Edmonton restaurants. 
  6. Order some locally sourced and roasted coffee beans from one of the roasters listed at the end of this article.
  7. Donate directly to the Canadian Writer’s Emergency Relief Fund or other similar causes like PEN Canada’s Writer in Exile program
  8. Commit to a monthly donation to one of the four artist-run centres, non-profit galleries, and art spaces developed by Edmonton artists, listed in this article
  9. Make a donation in someone’s name to Edmonton’s Food Bank.
  10. Consider exploring our list of Edmonton-local bookstores in this article, and then go on and find that special book you’ve been looking for, or to buy a forever-gift for a friend
  11. Visit one of the garden centres from the list at the end of this article, and become a new plant parent.
  12. Make a donation in the name of music to local organizations supporting or involved with Edmonton’s music scene, including the Edmonton Vocal Minority (EVM), through merch sales, by advocating for government support for local venues, or through The Starlite Sessions: Call to Action Canada.
  13. Purchase some needed items for donation, or donate directly to a local shelter such as WINhouse, The Mustard Seed, or Youth Empowerment & Support Services
  14. Order your next beer online through one of the local breweries offering online purchasing and delivery listed in this article
  15. Purchase some eco-friendly and waste-free cleaning supplies from local Edmonton store  Re:Plenish.  
  16. If you find yourself with a little extra money that you’d like to put toward our health care workers, you can donate to the Frontline Fund, which donates to hospital foundations across Canada to support front-line workers during the pandemic. 
  17. Your dollars will not be wasted if you are able to donate to a performing arts or choir company in Edmonton. 
  18. Be sure to check out Make It!, who have aGoFundMe page where you can support those artisans and makers who have shifted their product offerings to support frontline workers and healthcare emergency staff!
  19. Donate to one of the local Non-Profits, Organizations, and Charities listed at the end of this article
  20. Use your money today and get the best of both worlds: buy an Edmonton-local book purchased from an Edmonton-local bookstore! 
  21. We encourage you to visit the website or social media for your favourite festivals and see how you can donate! Many festivals are also registered charitable organizations and can be supported financially through CanadaHelps.org
  22. Purchase some local artwork through SNAP’s online store
  23. Quench your thirst and visit boocha.ca to order some locally-made kombucha!
  24. Make a donation to one or more of Edmonton’s youth-supporting organizations from our list in this article
  25. Dr. Deena Hinshaw, our province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, has inspired a line of t-shirts through Print Machine, designed by artists Steph Simpson (Edmonton) and Mandy Stobo (Calgary). You can support Dr. Hinshaw and other health care workers by buying and wearing one of these stylish tees. (Don’t forget to tweet her a photo, too!) All profits go to the Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre and Pregnancy Pathways.
  26. To keep up with the latest screen gems, access the Garneau Theatre’s virtual screening room, which is streaming new and recent releases from around the globe; half the proceeds of screening fees go right to Metro Cinema.
  27. Purchase some local tunes from a local music dispensary. We’ve included a small list at the end of this article
  28. Take a meditation class from Local meditation studio Lifestyle Meditation
  29. Donate to one of the local organizations listed in this article to help those who are, and who are working with, those disproportionately affected by social and economic disadvantages. 
  30. Click through the posts under #yegcrafts on Instagram, and purchase something new from a local artisan’s personal website or online Etsy shop. 
  31. You can fuel up with extra gas to help you get groceries to someone who needs it, or help out by driving someone with diversabilities to the hospital. 
  32. Donate to one of the #yegfestival do-gooder organizations who need your support from this list we created for another post. 
  33. Buy a shirt from the #HereforGood tshirt campaign launched by Print Machine. Proceeds from the campaign are then pooled and split amongst all participating businesses.
  34. Fitness centres, Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), or local journalism can all use a boost with your membership. Sign-up for classes, festivals, and local art shows like the Stuck in the House series!
  35. Check out and make a buy from Gifted’s latest 2019-2020 catalogue for anything from fashion, art & print, food & drink, self-care, toys, furniture & decor, and even products for your fur babies.
  36. Purchase a gift card or beloved second-hand or vintage item from a local antique store. We have a list included at the end of this article
  37. Watch some of the online shows and live videos being produced by Edmonton theatre, music, orchestra or dance companies, such as those listed in this article.
  38. Explore some online shops or the local Indigenous Arts Market and make sure to purchase a gift for yourself or a loved one.
  39. Attend one of local organization Startup TNT’s mix and mingle nights, now online via Discord
  40. Purchase some of the great products from our local vendors specializing in self-care! We’ve put together a short list in the body of this article to get you started.

40+ Things You Can Do With Your Voice

100+ ideas
  1. Shout out your favorite local #yeg farmer’s market from our list at the end of this article
  2. Follow and share a post from #YEGIHC, who focus on the passions and stories of local #yeg bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, and more! 
  3. Share some of the learning and knowledge you’ve gained as you’ve explored Edmonton’s Indigenous business landscape.
  4. Nominate your favourite local volunteer through the Alberta Northern Lights Volunteer Program.
  5. Share and participate in virtual discussions surrounding the 3rd Annual RISE Film Festival!
  6. Reach out to your local MLA and let them know you want actions taken to ensure that our beloved festivals can return once it becomes safe to do so. 
  7. Share a photo of your latest local coffee buy under the hashtag #LocalGoodnessYEG! 
  8. If you have a story to share about food security, share it! It’s important to eliminate any stigma around needing food security services. 
  9. Share your messages for frontline workers online, on air, or even better in person. The #EdmontonCares hashtag has caught on over the past few months if you wnat to share a message of solidarity with frontline workers on social media. 
  10. Check out and share some of the Edmonton International Film Festival‘s #EIFFinIsolation daily screenings on social media.
  11. Support some of the local fashion retailers listed  lining our recently reopened streets, all while decking out your closet in the latest runway styles. We’ve listed a few to get you started in this article
  12. Vocalize your experiences of YEG’s performing arts scene with others through your social media, and don’t forget to use the hashtag, #LocalGoodnessYEG.
  13. Share your current favorite book by a local writer, or choose a great quote from a recent read and link it behind our hashtag, #LocalGoodnessYEG
  14. Show your support by lending your time or your voice to supporting local beauty and personal-care products by commenting, liking, and following their pages across social media.
  15. Talk with government representatives (your MLA, MP by phone or email) to share your support during COVID-19 for financial support to workers. 
  16. If you have a gardening question, get local advice by asking a garden expert from Sustainable Food Edmonton.
  17. Study the Indigenous Edmonton Directory for great local resources and services that you can share with your friends and family, and help start local conversations with friends on economic resilience, Indigenous rights and perspectives.
  18. Write that letter to your MLA or local representative about what you’d like to see change in terms of environmental governance in Alberta and Edmonton
  19. Reach out and share the best ways to help your favourite #yegfestivals! Don’t forget to tag us or use the hashtag #LocalGoodnessYEG.
  20. You can learn more about #NursesWeek and send a thank-you to United Nurses of Alberta and to health care workers through the HSAA.
  21. Post a food sustainability fact on your social media feed and get the conversation going. 
  22. Use your voice to amplify the requirements of some of the organizations helping Edmonton’s underserved, and amplify your own efforts to help.
  23. You can pledge your support through union organizations for essential workers, such as the United Food & Commercial Workers.
  24. Give a shout out to some of the local not-for-profit organizations, charities and collectives taking care of Edmontonians like you. We’ve listed a few at the end of this article
  25. Share this article, which lists ways to explore virtual online music events happening nearby!
  26. Send a tweet or make a post about your donation you made to a local organization or business you love!
  27. Write to your MLA and let them know that you value our arts community and that they need financial aid to get them through this time.
  28. Practice and share your experience using the self-compassion exercise we included at the end of this article
  29. Boost the sober-friendly efforts of the folks at Sober Saturdayz by sharing their web link through Facebook!
  30. Share a mental health fact that you find from the resources listed here through social media. You could be saving someone’s life!
  31. Bring up your stance on climate change in conversation with your family, or during your next socially distanced hang sesh, and post anything you may have learned recently to your story with the hashtag #LocalGoodnessYEG. 
  32. You can thank health care workers by putting up a Thank Alberta Health sign on your lawn, on your balcony, or in your windows.
  33. Like, practice, or share some of the fun at-home experiments created by our own Telus World of Science. 
  34. Give voice to some of the humanitarian issues surrounding not only childhood textile labour and environmental sustainability, but other issues like cultural appropriation in fashion.
  35. Share this Edmonton-local resource of trails and river valley accesses from the River Valley Alliance. 
  36. Make or sign a card, or write a letter to send to an isolated senior. The Greater Edmonton Foundation operates facilities throughout the city, and we’ve included an address where you can send your well-wishes in this article.
  37. Share this article about advocating for those who have needs for more space for physical distancing in communities where car ownership is less.  
  38. There are so many great local textile retailers that you can find throughout the city, like Rhythm Fabrics, Johnson’s Sewing Centre, or Quilter’s Dream, and we encourage you to share your favourite with us through #LocalGoodnessYEG!  
  39. Spread the word about your favourite YEG musicians through social media. Get the word out about the awesome work that’s going on in our community to support the YEG music scene.
  40. You can tag the @CMOH_Alberta account on Twitter, or share your posts using #ABcares. 
  41. Many local antique malls are also posting pictures and videos of their goods on social media right now. Consider sharing these posts on your own social feeds so that others in your network can see what is available and make purchases of their own. 
  42. Amplify the needs of at-risk and disadvantaged populations, including with your  local Councillor, MLA, or MP. That could mean sending an email, writing a letter, or sending a direct message through social media. 
  43. Follow some other popular feeds for Edmonton through your social accounts, for instance #yeglocal or #yeghelps, or the community league social media feed for your neighbourhood. 
  44. Elevate the efforts of local organizations  Edmonton Made, Start-up Edmonton, Avenue Edmonton, and COVID Community through your social media. These are just some of the organizations providing courses, workshops, and directories to update the community and local businesses on our ‘new normal’. 
  45. Leave your favourite local vintage vendor a review online.
  46. Share this article, which includes a list of local co-working spaces in Edmonton offering equal-opportunity options for those thinking about alternative sources of income. 

Whatever of the 100+ ideas you do, be sure to share your goodness behind our hashtag, #LocalGoodnessYEG!

Happy Do-gooding! 

The Local Good Team