The #31DaysofYEG Challenge 2015

The Local Good is all about being engaged with our city in new and creative ways. That’s why we are once again challenging you to take our annual #31DaysofYEG challenge for the month of July. You can do one challenge per day, or all 31 in one day, in numerical order or at random. We are posting the full list below so you can complete the challenge in a way that works for you.  

The prize? Bragging rights, and great new ideas on how to explore Edmonton this summer! The idea of the challenge is just to experience as many new things in Edmonton as you can. This city is full of hidden gems and July is your month to discover them!

Share your experiences with us and with others on Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #31DaysofYeg, or by posting to our Facebook page. Try to reference the number of the challenge you completed.

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Update (July 12, 2015): Need some inspiration? You can check out our weekly recaps, starting with week no. 1.

  1. Share a photo of one of your favourite hidden gems in Edmonton, and don’t forget to add it to our interactive map!
  2. Grow your own food this summer — in your yard, balcony or community garden!
  3. Learn about Edmonton’s history (City of Edmonton’s resources are here) and perhaps even add to the Edmonton Heritage Council map!
  4. See the city from a different perspective by exploring it via bicycle.
  5. Volunteer your time with a local initiative and share why you support it.
  6. Enjoy live music at a local venue — bonus points if the musicians are from Edmonton as well!
  7. Try something new from one of the many food trucks around the city.
  8. Find some plants that are native to our river valley and consult local plant expert Robert Rogers on its many potential uses.
  9. Edmonton is known as a festival city. Take advantage of our thriving summer scene — attend a festival and share your favourite thing about it.
  10. Take a photo of your favourite Edmonton landmark or public art — bonus points for a selfie with it!
  11. Share a picture of our night-time sky — we often have beautiful sunsets and clear starry nights. Bonus points if you visit the TWOS observatory or the U of A observatory to learn more about the stars and constellations we are looking at.
  12. Support a local business and share a #ShopLocalSelfie
  13. Have a meal at one of the restaurants featured at the Taste of Edmonton festival.
  14. Get more involved in politics — take a tour of the legislature, meet the candidate in your riding for the upcoming federal election or maybe even volunteer on a campaign!
  15. Check out our local events page and choose an event to attend (and share a moment or photo from the event).
  16. Get involved in sustainable fashion by purchasing some clothing at a thrift store or at a yard sale.
  17. Visit a high point in Edmonton where you can look out over the city (and share a picture of your view!).
  18. Visit a farmers’ market you have never been to before and talk to some vendors. Learn more about #localfood.
  19. Buy tickets to take in a live theatre performance and tweet your own review.
  20. Swim in the wading pools outside of the Legislature building — they are open all night long, and look extra cool in the dark!
  21. Check out and share or contribute to your favourite project — bonus points if you create your own project page!
  22. Have lunch or  a picnic in one of Edmonton’s many parks or green spaces.
  23. Visit an art gallery and discuss your interpretations of the art on display. (Don’t forget about the great art walk through the 124 Street neighbourhood, or the once-a-year Whyte Avenue Art Walk.)
  24. Explore our Aboriginal history by visiting an indigenous site, museum or event, and share something new that you learned.
  25. Shop at a local independent grocery store and share the recipe you make with the products you buy there.
  26. Get a city walking map and explore a neighborhood you have not visited enough, or attend a community event.
  27. Take a day trip from Edmonton and consider how different it feels from being in the city.
  28. Share something that another city has that you think Edmonton should have and share it using #notinyeg.
  29. Make a donation to a local project, cause or kick-starter. Share how this project inspired you.
  30. Enjoy the beautiful summer weather on an outdoor patio with some food, drinks and/or good company.
  31. Create your own art inspired by all things #YEG.

If you’re looking for an extra challenge, you can check out the 2014 list here, or read Rhonda Jessen’s weekly recaps from last year, starting with Week 1.

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