Five reasons not to miss Green Drinks: Local Resilience

green drinks

1. Lewis Cardinal will be kickstarting the evening
Prepare to be inspired! This man has spent most of his life in the public sector. He has dedicated his work to creating and maintaining connections and relationships that cross cultural divides and brings together communities to create new opportunities. We are incredibly excited to have such a profound personality introduce the evening.

2. There is a chance to win a STREAM to our upcoming Edmonton Resilience
 In anticipation of our upcoming Resilience Festival we will be giving away a workshop stream! If the options look too good to take a chance, you can purchase the different streams here. 

Green Drinks crow, Yellowhead Brewery
Previous Green Drinks event. Photo: TLG archives

3. Discover #LocalResilience 
Listen and share what resilience means in our Edmonton community. On Feb. 4 at the Yellowhead Brewery you’re on the spot: What does resilience mean to you?

4. Play L-O-C-A-L and meet some incredible folks!!
Half the fun at Green Drinks is getting to meet interesting people in the field that we’re featuring. With lots of great people representing various aspects of resilience, we’ve created a networking game that will allow everyone to mingle and meet some people they may not expect.

5. This is THE social event for Resilience Week, don’t miss this opportunity to meet some wonderful resilience leaders!
With workshops ranging from urban beekeeping to canning and cheese-making, our inaugural Resilience Festival has it all. This Wednesday, Feb. 4 at the Yellowhead Brewery showcases some of the festival’s finest!