Announcing the 2017 Municipal Election Series

After the success of our Municipal Election 2013 series, we are bringing it back for this year’s election! We sent the following questions to all councillor and mayoral candidates running this year:

  • What is the biggest challenge your Ward faces? What policy solutions would you seek if elected?
  • How will you help Edmonton become a greener / more environmentally friendly city?
  • How will you strengthen Edmonton’s local economy and support our city’s independent, locally-owned businesses?
  • How will you make this a more inclusive city and support Edmonton’s marginalized communities?
  • How can our readers learn more about your platform, contact you with questions or concerns, or get involved in your campaign?

We will be posting the unedited responses of candidates over the next month as they come in. We hope this helps you get involved and make an informed vote this October. And, if you want a chance to meet and greet with candidates and talk elections with engaged Edmontonians, get your ticket for our election edition of Green Drinks, coming up Thursday, October 12 at Yellowhead Brewery.