Marliss Weber

Marliss Weber is the principal of Parodos Communications in Edmonton, with a focus on social media and corporate storytelling. She has run social media campaigns for WinterCity Edmonton, Shop 124 Street, the City of Edmonton's Women's Initiative, the Alberta Motor Association, and UWALK, amongst others, and is so used to writing in 140 characters that anything more seems superfluous. Marliss also produces videos, writes stories and spins web copy for Group of Rogues Marketing and Communications. When she's not tweeting, she's likely shopping, as she is also a co-partner in the personal branding firm, The Retail Therapists. Marliss holds a Master of Arts in Communications and Technology from the University of Alberta. You can find her on Twitter at @marlissw and @shoptherapyyeg.

Seven lucky reasons to explore High Street this winter

The High Street area is one of Edmonton’s shopping gems, with fixtures like Call the Kettle Black, Carol’s Quality Sweets and Vespucci, and have recently welcome newcomers like Harlow and Carbon Environmental Boutique. It’s also a great place for dining, with several of Edmonton’s favourite restaurants nearby.  Here are just a few reasons to visit …

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