Storify: Cash Mob Edmonton’s Coffee Week 2016 Tour

Cash Mob Edmonton Coffee Tour 2016. Photo: Advantage Photography.
Cash Mob Edmonton Coffee Tour 2016. Photo: Advantage Photography.

For YEG Coffee Week 2016, Cash Mob Edmonton organized a tour of downtown’s vibrant local coffee scene:

  • Coffee Bureau explained the unique equipment they use to pull their espressos, how their building helps them tell their story and what makes their bean (locally roasted Ace Coffee) truly unique in Canada’s coffee world.
  • Earth’s General Store told us about their new Nitro coffee (coffee infused with nitrogen), their roasting process and their passion for ethically sourced beans.
  • Transcend Cafe told us about their incredible journey over the past decade in sourcing and bringing unique and sustainable coffee to Edmonton. 
  • Lock Stock Coffee gave us a taste of their century-old, Italy-roasted coffee bean and their house-made pastries, and explained how they transform from a bar to a cafe every day.
  • District Cafe and Bakery went from a hidden gem to a downtown hotspot in just over two years. Now, the freshly renovated shop features a full brunch menu, beer taps and room for dozens to stop in for their daily cup.

Read on for a Storify summary of the tour, then hop over to the Cash Mob Edmonton Facebook group for more photos taken on the tour, and announcements of future Cash Mobs!