Celebrating arts & crafts & snowstorms at Green Drinks

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Local arts and crafts were celebrated through and through last night’s Green Drinks at The Common. A smaller but hearty crowd took on the mean winter streets and sidewalks to find warmth in a Green Drink and good company. We had crafters and would-be crafters mingling together, sharing tips and tricks and getting excited about the holiday craft sale season ahead.

Check out the night captured through tweets & pictures in this Rachel Foley used in this blog post as well as in this album!

The Local Good has a lot to be thankful for:


Thank you to a door prize contributors!

We made a call out to the crafting community and had a wonderful return. Some gifts were stuck in a snow bank, but we did have donations from these fine folks:

Chloe at Painterly 

Gina at Sunset Cove

And the prizes were carried away in totes from CASA.


Thank you to our Makers! 

The best in behind-the-scenes crafting was on display last night. Live painting, DIY chai, goldsmithing and more as we got to Meet Our Makers! This group also donated to the second door prize of the evening.

Alliston with  AFHandcrafts

Shaz with Warhorse Studios

Dari with The Abbey StillRoom

Kelsey with Burning Schoolhouse Designs

Amy with Ameya Studio (a special snowstorm addition!)


Thank you to our Pop Up Vendors!

Late night local shopping at your favourite local bar? Yes, this dream came true last night. At 9 pm, these Pop Up vendors opened their trunks and vintage suitcases. There was local shopping, chatting and craft connections all around. These fine folks provided snazzy door prizes and along with the Makers took part in the Pop Up:

Jeffrey with Cuckoo Munga Media

Shirley at G & G Designs


A big thanks also goes out to our crafty-community-connectors: Marissa & Jasmin with On the Spot Pop Up & Alberta Craft Alert, Erin with Made Urban and Ally with Publik Market/Handmade Mafia. Even for those un-crafty folks, Hayley & Kristen from the Reuse Centre made artisan accessible with holiday crafts!

 Thanks to all of you for coming and also to those who couldn’t make it, thanks for staying safe! We hope to see you all on December 5th for The Local Good 5th Anniversary Party at the Kasbar!