Give Feedback by Oct 8th: City of Edmonton’s Draft Food and Agriculture Strategy

The city is looking for input on the draft of the City Wide Food and Ag Strategy (CWFAS) either online or in person. The draft strategy and its supporting documents will be available on the city’s website starting today: (Update: here is a direct link to the draft strategy.).  It will be available online from October 1 to October 8 which is a very narrow time frame for you to read and give feedback.
Highlights of the draft strategy will also be available at Open Houses being held on October 3 & 4. 
Open House Locations and Times:
Wednesday October 3, 10am-8pm
City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Thursday October 4, 4-8pm
TransAlta Arts Barns, 10330-84 Avenue


Coverage and reactions by columnists and bloggers that we also highly suggest checking out:



2 thoughts on “Give Feedback by Oct 8th: City of Edmonton’s Draft Food and Agriculture Strategy”

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  2. Here is the feedback I left at the end of the survey:
    “Thank you. On the whole it is an excellent document. I do wish more specific lists of local resources had been included at this stage, but I understand that those will be generated as part of following the recommendations.
    5.3.2 Item 1 i.) “Encourage developers to provide land and infrastructure for urban agriculture” should read REQUIRE, not encourage. Ideally a percentage of land that must be preserved with its original soil for that purpose would be specified in every Area Structure Plan.
    5.3.2. Item 1 iv.) “Consider the development of an edible landscaping strategy” should read “Develop an edible landscaping strategy”. I would personally LOVE to get involved with an urban orchard pilot program in my own neighborhood, where some parks are not yet landscaped.
    5.3.2 Item 4 makes me very happy. Chicken and bee pilot projects! Finally!
    5.6.2 Item 3 needs to be stronger to eliminate food deserts and improve food justice for vulnerable populations. Addressing food affordability, perhaps?
    I have already addressed 5.9 in my earlier comments, but would like to know how the proposed provincial ring road currently expected to run through the NorthEast of the city would affect any Agricultural Land Reserve.”
    I also commented that section 5.9, regarding preservation of farmland, is the most important component of the draft plan to me, and that I strongly support the creation of Agricultural Land Reserve(s) by purchasing farmland from owners who wish to sell – and in that way respecting their property rights.

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