Hexagon Board Game Cafe

Connect and unplug at Hexagon Board Game Cafe

Hexagon Board Game Cafe
Full house of gamers at Hexagon on a Tuesday night. Photo: Laura Ward

The Hexagon Board Game Cafe is where beer hall meets game convention.  Owners Kellie Ho and Randy Wong combine the fun, social atmosphere of a lively bar with the welcoming inclusion of gaming, to create a unique and alternative outing for Edmontonians.

Hidden within the double hex logo lies the gateway game that turned these architectural designers into business owners — it was late nights playing Settlers of Catan that inspired the two to start up shop in August 2014.

Entering this bright cafe, you are welcomed by Hex-perts, the name given to the board game staff. The counter is stocked with fresh-baked goods from Hazeldean Bakery and an assortment of snacks.  Whether you choose a beer from Village Brewing or get your caffeine fix from their full espresso bar, Hexagon is a sweet spot to connect and unplug.

hexagon, board games, board game cafe, hazeldean bakery
Treats from Hazeldean Bakery and assorted snacks available at Hexagon. Photo: Laura Ward

Large community tables encourage people to mingle and join forces on their next gaming adventure, adding to the cafe’s small-town feel. To build community and local culture, the cafe hosts a weekly Monday Mingle event, for those interested in meeting new gamers and learning new games.

With a growing collection of nearly 600 games, Kellie offered a few suggestions to start off with:

Hexagon Board Game Cafe
Hexagon has over 600 games to play and dozens available for purchase. Photo: Laura Ward

Best party game: Cards Against Humanity

Best strategy game (light): Ticket to Ride

Best strategy game (moderate): Settlers of Catan

Best 2 player games: Patchwork, Splendor, Abalone, Kulami

Best cooperative game: Pandemic

Best story-telling games: Once Upon a Time, Gloom

Need to buy a game as a gift for someone? Hexagon sells a variety of games in store, located on Whyte Avenue and 101 Street. Hexperts have shared their top picks in gift guides on Facebook and Instragram, or ask them in person. Love Hexagon? You can also check out our profile of Table Top Cafe here.