Volunteer and Honourarium Positions

Apply to be our Social Media Coordinator

What is the role?

To promote the work of The Local Good and build a community through our social media channels: Facebook (one page and two community groups), Twitter, and Instagram. This includes promoting our monthly Green Drinks events, sharing relevant local, national, and international news, and promoting local events, projects and actions.

This season, The Local Good is focusing on conversations around climate change, and so the Social Media Coordinator should be familiar with and interested in related stories, personalities, organizations, and resources.

Why this role matters

To maintain The Local Good as a hub for the community, the host of engaging and interesting events, and a go-to source for content about local events and issues, sustainability, and climate change.

What you’ll be expected to do

  1. Promote monthly Green Drinks events including ticket sales, our featured guests and speakers, its ability to connect and inspire people in the community, and our sponsors.
  2. Tweet and post Instagram stories live from all/most Green Drinks events (first Wednesday of every month).
  3. Attend monthly team meetings.
  4. Post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about local events, news stories, and resources, related to The Local Good’s mandate.
  5. Respond regularly to comments and questions from our community.

You might be a perfect fit if you…

  • love the work of The Local Good
  • are already involved in climate organizing or looking to take more action
  • know the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, including ad management
  • have strong time management and self-motivation
  • have access to a computer and wifi
  • have a personal interest in learning a grassroots model of building community (maybe for your own amazing initiative down the road?)

Measures of Success

  • Number of attendees at each Green Drinks event
  • Connections made and positive feedback throughout the season
  • Engagement on social posts
  • Growth of our social media audience

Application Deadline: October 15

Honourarium: $100 / month


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