#yegfood Recipe from the Edmonton Food Council

bethbee-recipes-journal-lgAt our recent Green Drinks Edmonton: Your Local Food Tools, we asked attendees to connect to the local food community via ingredients. Now, la piece de resistance – the recipes!

Each of the #yegfood presenters were asked to provide a recipe. One they loved, that can easily include local items and should be shared with you. Please enjoy the following recipe, follow-up on this organization’s local food tools and eat local!

From Dustin Bajer & Hani Quan of the Edmonton Food Council

Beet with Pecorino and BC Hazelnuts

Edmonton Food CouncilThis dish is a variation of the classic beets with goat cheese and walnuts  To prepare beets: Older winter beets benefit from being boiled rather than steamed or baked as you might a young summer beet. Wash, cut off the really gnarly bits on the end but save the skinning until they are fully cooked. Boil until soft, pour cold water over, and let sit until the beets are cool enough to touch. The skins will slip off and the bits that don’t you can shave off with a knife. Start this early, the beets are fine to sit in water, but they need time to cook and cool. Skin in a deep sink to keep the beet juice contained and don’t wear white. 

2-3 medium red beets

1/2 c or so roasted BC hazelnuts (if not available use walnuts) 

1 small package 3 month old Cheesiry pecorino  (about 3/4 cup chopped)

sea salt and fresh-cracked black pepper


Slice or quarter prepared beets and toss while hot with the cheese and walnuts. Season. 

Serves 4-6