Edmonton Resilience Festival: Personal Map Making


We use them almost every day. From checking our daily bus routes to finding our way around new cities, maps show us the pathways, roads, landmarks and features of the world around us. As a local artist, designer, writer and traveler, Stephanie Medford has always been a little bit intrigued with maps. Her artwork is driven by her sense of discovery and exploration and knowing that, it’s no surprise that much of her artwork features maps.

Personal mapmaking. Photo courtesy Stephanie Medford

There’s no doubt that maps are a useful tool to find our way in the world around us, but what about using maps to discover things about ourselves? This was the thought behind Stephanie’s personal mapmaking concept. Through her own journey to feel more creative, Stephanie taught herself how to become a more vibrant artist. Sometimes, she said, it just requires looking at things in a different way.  Stephanie now shares what she’s learned in workshops (including one at the Resilience Festival this weekend) and has developed her personal mapmaking to help people look at their own journey in a different, and more creative, light. 

So what exactly will your map include? Well, that’s up for you to decide. Through discussion of maps, personal experiences and stories, Stephanie will help challenge you to express yourself and your journey through mixed media. Though absolutely no experience is necessary, Stephanie does mention one simple thing you can to do help prepare for the workshop: take notice of  things. Notice what colour combinations you like, what signs make you stop and take a second look, what textures you appreciate. Paying attention to these little things will help you when you start your own map. 

Excited to learn more? Come on out to the Edmonton Resilience Festival and join Stephanie for your own personal mapmaking experience.  

When? Sunday, Feb. 8, in the Boreal Chickadee Stream.

Where? Boyle Street Community Plaza

How? By getting your ticket to the Edmonton Resilience Festival!

More details? Check out the Edmonton Resilience Festival