Edmonton Resilience Festival workshop lineup announced


We are so excited to unveil the full lineup of workshops for the inaugural Edmonton Resilience Festival! Tickets for workshop streams tickets are now on sale (edmontonresiliencefestival.eventbrite.ca). Tickets for individual workshops will go on sale January 7th 12th 28th, 2015.

In addition to the community-led paid workshops, the Edmonton Resilience Festival will also include lots of free programming, including Conversation Cafes, a Community Connections Fair and family-friendly outdoor activities that will be free to attend. Watch this blog for announcements of more details of those aspects of the Festival.

Apple Cider Fermentation – Operation Fruit Rescue (Joshua Buck)

Artistic Justice: The Transformative Power of Creativity – Maigan van der Giessen

Beekeeping For Beginners – Dustin Bajer

Bike Maintenance 101 – Edmonton Bicycle Commuters (Christopher Chan)

Bread Baking 101: Bread at Home  – Owen Petervine  < replacing Shovel & Fork in the original schedule

Building A Sustainable Body – Heart and Bones Yoga (Brea Johnson)

Canning – Mojo Jojo Pickles (Johwanna Alleyne)

Cheese-making: goat cheese, chevre, and mozzarella – Good Note Farm (Maryann Borch)

Connecting With Nature: the importance of getting outside – Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (Alison Ronson)

Consent Is Sexy: an interactive guide to talking to youth (and adults!) about healthy sexuality – Alex Daraseng and Sarah Elke

Cooperative Housing – TBA

Creating Community with Pop-Up Events – On The Spot Pop Ups (Marissa Loewen)

Deep Winter Herbalism: a practical hands-on workshop on making herbal medicines – Sonja Myllymaki and Alecia Schreyer

Discovering Inner Resilience: a mental health presentation on building resilience from within – Dariel Cole, Margot Crane, Farrel Greenspan and Jae Yuen-Jung

Find The Exits: how preparing for zombies might save your life – Jayme Nelson

Fundamentals of Hand Tools – Deep Roots Permaculture (Takota Coen)

Home-scale Organic Growing – Wild Green (Claudia Bolli)

Introduction to Permaculture – Edmonton Permaculture Guild (Megan Wilson)

Intuitive Gardening – Kim Tanasichuk

Invited to Resilience: party planning to build community – Anastasia Kulpa

Make Your Own Kombucha – TBA

Natural Dyeing Using Farmers’ Market Foods: vat dyeing of wool yarn – Deborah Merriam

Net Positive Shelters for Albertans – Aspen Centre for Integral Living (Kurtis Ewanchuk)

Personal Map-making: multimedia collage workshop – Stephanie Medford

Resilience In Song – Vocal Improvisation Network of Edmonton (Karen Porkka)

Resilient Roots – Annika Palm

Shake Your Soul Yoga Dance – Natasha Michaud

South Asian Dance Arts – Ashley Anjlien Kumar

Sustainable Nutrition: From Physiology to Microbes – Jana Sacco

TBA – Slow Food Edmonton Elaine Wilson

Values: The Resilient Core – Jodi Carlson

Vermicomposting – Andy Williams

What’s All The Hoopla?: dancing with the hula hoop – Nicole Rose

Wildcraft: growing, identifying and using wild plants – Joy Lakhan

Willow Basketry – Good Note Farm (Maryann Borch)

Winter Soul Food – Karina Hurtado

How much are tickets? We are selling most tickets in sets called streams. Streams that include four workshops are $80 and streams that include 3 workshops are $65. This works out to a savings of $3 to $5 per workshop, compared to the price for individual workshop tickets (which will not be available until Jan. 28th). Most workshops are available only in streams, and there are limited spots available, so we suggest buying tickets early to guarantee a spot in your favourite workshop!

What is a stream? How does it work? Streams are groups of three to four workshops, all on one day of the festival – so you can buy either a Saturday stream, or a Sunday stream, or one for each day! In grouping the workshops, we tried to strike a balance between grouping common themes and introducing people to new ideas and skills they may not have been exposed to before. Most streams have a combination of hands-on skill building, mind-bending conversations, and physical activity breaks! Attendees in a stream will move between workshops as a group. Our past experience at similar events suggests that attendees of a stream get to know each other and form friendships over the course of the day, in addition to learning lots of cool stuff. The streams are described in detail at the bottom of the Edmonton Resilience Festival page.

What if I don’t want to attend all the workshops in a stream? We think you won’t want to miss a thing, and you’ll enjoy getting to know your stream-mates. You could wait until Jan. 28th to buy individual tickets (at a slightly increased cost), but we expect that many streams will sell out long before that date, and most workshops are only available in streams due to space constraints. For the greatest selection and best price, we suggest that you choose a stream as soon as possible! 

Update: because we are making tickets transferrable, you could also buy a stream and share the tickets with a friend. 

Where do I get tickets? Purchase your tickets online now at edmontonresiliencefestival.eventbrite.ca

Can I get tickets at the door? Only workshop tickets that have not sold out in advance will be available at the door.

Are tickets refundable? Are tickets transferable? Tickets are transferable but not refundable. This means that while we aren’t able to refund any tickets purchased, if something comes up and you aren’t able to come, you can still give your tickets to a friend. Spread the love!  

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