Election 2013 questionnaire response: Hakin Isse, Ward 3

[We sent your questions to all the Election 2013 candidates. We are posting their unedited responses in the order that they’re received. – Ed.]

Hakin Isse, candidate for Ward 3

1. In the context of our City’s growth, how will you support the development of existing communities as opposed to new neighbourhoods?


I have been working with different communities for the past ten years and several times I actively participated in community discussion matters as well as setting up short and long term developing projects.

When I am elected on October 21, 2013, I will work with my colleagues in the city hall to establish an open communication between my constituents and Edmontonians, generally to ensure that we are all on the same page. For example, I will personally reach out to the communities in my Ward and schedule town hall meetings in which I will discuss major concerns facing our communities. I tentatively planned to engage my constituents to participate in the development of an appropriate, realistic, and affordable mechanism to lessen or resolve the issues facing in our community particularly crime prevention, health and etc.. 

2. How will you support and promote independent locally-owned businesses in Edmonton?


Small businesses are very important to our City’s economy and development. I am a small business owner myself and I am aware of how hard it can be to manage small business and make it a successful one. 

As a city councillor, I will work with small business owners to support them in their business by ensuring that they get the adequate training and the support needed from the city to ensure their success. 

Also, I’m aware that taxes sometimes could be an obstacle in order to run a small business financially successful. 

Therefore, I will take the time to get to know the owners and their business by listening and understanding to their concerns in regards to how the city can help to make their business a success. 

3. How will you support local food and urban agriculture in Edmonton?


We need to have programs that could help our local foods and urban agriculture community members in order to sustain and increase the local food and urban agriculture productions. 

Although my father used to own a small farm, unfortunately I have limited experience and knowledge regarding the local food and urban agriculture. However, my goal is to gain the necessary knowledge needed in understanding some of the concerns facing the local food and urban agriculture in Edmonton. 

4. How will you address Indigenous Edmontonians’ history and needs?


The Indigenous Edmontonians’ history plays a crucial role in our city which means learning about their history is very important. I not only plan to address their history but to develop relationships with members of the indigenous community to figure out their needs and concerns. Prior to my discussion with some members of the Indigenous community we noticed some major issues facing the indigenous community were particularly employment, housing, health and safety issues. If elected I plan to continue working with the indigenous community to figure out ways to tackle the issues concerning their community. 

5. How do you envision the public transit system evolution?


Edmonton public transportation has been under development in the last several decades but due to our city’s growth and land development, its demand has increased too. Therefore both LRT and bus system requires consistence attention.

We need to work with transportation staff members as well as commuters in order to understand the scope of the demand what it is needed to find and to continue providing an adequate supply to all stake holders

I personally, will take the time to hear the first hand concerns of our commuters as well as city’s transportation staff members

6. What will you do to better engage post-secondary research / students / faculty with the rest of the community?


First of all, I believe that our post secondary research is extremely important to all of us and without it we cannot make a realistic development. Therefore, I will do whatever is possible to have the necessary research sustained as much as possible

7. Councillor candidates: What is the biggest challenge your Ward faces? What solutions would you seek?


Safety, in my understanding is the biggest challenge that Ward 3 is facing. I will engage our community members, organization and Edmonton Police to address this issue.

I believe this challenge could be addressed if we set up neighborhood watch in every 100 or so houses with direct contact to the closest police station. 

Also, community awareness sessions conducted by Edmonton Police as well as establishing relationships between community members and Police Department should help us face the challenges and reduce the crime in our ward.

8. How can our readers learn more about your platform, contact you with questions or concerns, or get involved in your campaign?


I am open to any educated discussion or debate geared towards the best interest of our city’s development and below is my contacts 




Tel: 780-761-1410 Campaign office 

Cell: 780-710-1919