Meet the election 2015 candidates at October Green Drinks

October 2015 Green Drinks
The 2015/16 Green Drinks season kicks off with an election theme.

The leaves are changing colours, the morning air is brisk, and pumpkin spiced lattes are upon us — fall is here and so is the Green Drinks season! With the 2015 federal election approaching, we have a very special Green Drinks planned: Election 2015 – Meet Your Candidates. All candidates from all parties and ridings in Edmonton and surrounding areas have been invited to converse with citizens in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at the first Green Drinks of the season on Wednesday, Oct. 7, at the Yellowhead Brewery in downtown Edmonton. We are very excited to announce the attendance of the following candidates:

  • Peter Downing, Christian Heritage Party – Mill Woods
  • Ralph McLean, Green Party – Mill Woods
  • Valerie Kennedy, Green Party – Riverbend
  • Jacob Binnema, Green Party – Strathcona
  • Joy Hut, Green Party – Wetaskiwin
  • Randy Boissonnault, Liberal Party – Edmonton Centre
  • Brian Gold, Liberal – Griesbach
  • Amarjeet Sohi, Liberal Party – Mill Woods
  • Jacqueline Biollo, Liberal Party – Wetaskiwin
  • Alexander Dussault, Libertarian Party – Edmonton West
  • Malcolm Stinson, Libertarian Party – Strathcona
  • Steven Lack, Libertarian Party – Riverbend
  • Janis Irwin, NDP – Griesbach
  • Linda Duncan, NDP – Strathcona

Know who you are voting for? Don’t know who you are voting for? Join us at the Yellowhead Brewery to learn more about the platforms, ask questions and mingle with candidates who may represent you. Tickets are $10 and available at