Election 2017 questionnaire response: Beatrice Ghettuba, Ward 4

[We sent five questions concerning green living, local economy and inclusiveness to all of the Election 2017 council candidates. We are posting their unedited responses in the order that they’re received. – Ed.]

Beatrice Ghettuba, candidate for Ward 4
Beatrice Ghettuba, candidate for Ward 4

What is the biggest challenge your Ward faces? What policy solutions would you seek if elected?

Issues identified by the community, which we care about
• Security and unsafe environment
• Photo Radars
• Traffic spilling into neighborhoods
• Job Loss and lack of opportunity

Issues identified by me that can benefit Ward 4 and the rest of Edmontonians
• Economic revitalization to stimulate economic growth development
• Uneven allocation of resources from City Hall
• Lifting people out of poverty with minimum stigmatization
• Removing business entry barriers faced by young people and New comers

Policy decision or options for each decision Community concerns
• Security and unsafe neighborhoods: As stakeholders in safety residents should be involved so that the police are supported better and trust is built; street lighting and debris/snow removal enhances a sense of safety
• Photo Radars: Preventing speeding should be focused on spillovers into neighborhoods and school zones where actual danger exists. Photo radars should not be a means of augmenting EPS budget.
• Traffic spilling into neighborhoods: Reduce speed limits from 50km/hr to 40km/hr in neighborhoods
• Job Loss and lack of opportunity: Lobby the province for more practical retraining opportunities as well as business startups My concerns
• Economic revitalization to stimulate economic growth development: Ward 4 is set u
• Uneven allocation of resources from City Hall
• Lifting people out of poverty with minimum stigmatization
• Removing business entry barriers faced by young people and New comers

How will you help Edmonton become a greener / more environmentally friendly city?

1. Supporting independent local businesses.
• As a small business entrepreneur who has lived through the experience as an owner of an accounting business I support and mentor entrepreneurs in the city of Edmonton.
• If given the chance to represent ward 4,I will strive to ensure policies that encourage buy local are promoted and advocated for. Such as: 
• Minimal licensing fee to farmers market vendors
• Encourage city farming and family farms
• Simplification of regulations
• Support for steady access to workers
• Access to information on financing, production and food handling

2. Slow food: encourage Edmontonians to consume more slow foods as opposed to fast foods. This way we promote care for the environment
• Saving endangered species consumes as food
• Teaching and encouraging the pleasure of food and how to prepare it
• Offering appealing, nutritious and greater choices of locally grown food
• Creating awareness and understanding where our food comes from
• Connecting people passionate about changing the food system through our city network (other wards)

How will you strengthen Edmonton’s local economy and support our city’s independent, locally-owned businesses?

• Set up advisory committee that highlights the issues that the city should be aware of and fight for their voice in the council
• Promote and raise awareness of some of the most pressing topics affecting our food system within the Edmonton Capital Region.
• Support food education systems by proposing initiatives such as guided tastings, farm visits, knowledge exchange, practical workshops and meals with producers.
• Easy regulations with minimal red tape

How will you make this a more inclusive city and support Edmonton’s marginalized communities?

• “We are better together”. Create awareness of the already existing diversity in Edmonton. Promote neighborhood initiatives that bring neighbors together around food sharing. Community Leagues can provide a structure to achieve this.
• Promote employment equity and minority visibility in all levels of government and institutions of learning.
• Support legislation that speak to harmony and understanding. Allow for difficult open conversations on discrimination, crime, racism to promote understanding of perspectives; foster trust and good neighborliness

How can our readers learn more about your platform, contact you with questions or concerns, or get involved in your campaign?

• Fb: @Beatrice4council
• Twitter: @bg4council
• E mail: Beatrice@Beatrice4council.ca
• Tel: 780 700 8364