Farrow Sandwich Edmonton Pop-Up

Farrow Sandwich has successful first pop-up

Farrow Sandwich Edmonton Pop-Up
Four of the Farrow Sandwich chefs having a great time making sandwiches at their first pop-up. Photo: Robyn Petrik

Editor’s note: Farrow Sandwiches now has a permanent location next door to The Three Boars Eatery, at 8422 109 St NW.

Back in February, Farrow Sandwich announced that they would soon be holding their very first pop up event, and then kept our mouths watering in anticipation by giving us sneak peeks on Twitter.  On Sunday, March 16, Farrow Sandwich ran their first pop up inside The Three Boars eatery in the Garneau district. 

Farrow Sandwich Pop-Up Menu
There were four different sandwiches available, including a vegan option. Photo: Robyn Petrik

I arrived at the pop up just before noon, and the porch was full of people lining up to get their hands on the new sandwiches.  Almost everyone looked university-age, and a majority of them had a definite hipster vibe going on.  They all seemed to know one another too, greeting each other, catching up, but most importantly, comparing which of the four sandwiches they were going to order. 

As a flexitarian, I am never one to pass up a good veggie option, so I decided to go with the vegan Speedy Gonzales.  Deepfried avocado was the clear star of this sandwich, but the other ingredients served their purpose well. The pico de gallo added a light, fresh flavour, while the red cabbage added a little bit of necessary crunch. The chipotle crema was just spicy enough to add a little kick, especially once the heat started adding up halfway through.  The Portugese torta was fluffy, and while my sandwich suffered from being a tad soggy in a couple of spots, overall I was very happy with my sandwich choice.

The Speedy Gonzales
The vegan Speedy Gonzales. Photo: Robyn Petrik

If you’re more of a meat eater than I am though, there were three other options available.  Along with the sausage, egg, and Sriracha breakfast sandwich, they also had a cold chicken salad blue cheese sandwich, as well as the BLT which was layered with local Sangudo Farm bacon, turkey, and swiss cheese. Though I didn’t try any of these other sandwiches, I can tell you from overheard conversations on the porch that the BLT was definitely the most popular. 

Excited to get your hands on one of these sandwiches?  A couple of hours after the pop up was

Farrow Sandwich should be open for business again on April 2nd. Photo: Robyn Petrik

finished in the afternoon, Farrow tweeted that they’ll be officially open for business on April 2.  If you’re into eating local, supporting small businesses in Edmonton, and being a part of something before it gets big, you’ll want to check out Farrow Sandwich as soon as they open.   

Connect with them on Twitter at @FarrowSandwich, or check out their website, farrowsandwiches.ca.