Five reasons not to miss Green Drinks: Green Jobs edition

It’s been a fine summer here in Edmonton, but the fall colours are on display and there’s a chill in the wind. The signs all point to the return of Green Drinks! The first event of the season is set for Wednesday, Oct. 1, at the Yellowhead Brewery. “Been there, done that. Why should I go this time?” you might be thinking. Well, read on and consider this …

Five reasons not to miss Green Drinks: Green Jobs

Green Jobs1. Green Jobs might surprise you

What is a Green Job? What is a Good Job? We don’t have the ultimate answer (sorry, if you thought we were that good), but we have an array of professionals working in a variety of “green jobs.” From carnivals to contamination, there’s a lot of ways to work in green industries and arenas. It’s an exciting time to be in this arena and the options are incredibly diverse. Join the conversation and see how a Green Job may be a fit for you.

2.  Spiff up your resume

Who says spiffing up your resume has to be a drag? The Green Drink activity will invite you to think about your resume in a more interactive way. Mix and mingle to fill in your “resume” with job experiences gathered from community members. Share your own experience and see how your green work fits in, within the industry.

green drinks madrid3. Getting back to the basics

Green Drinks YEG is part of an international, organic, self-organizing network. Green Drinks events have been a hugely popular network that has connected green or green-intrigued colleagues and many green jobs have been found because of it. This theme plays at a basic background theme of many Green Drinks world-wide.

Green Drinks Edmonton
Photo: Monika Czuprynski

4. The great wall of resources

Looking for a Green Job? Or do you know how to get a Green Job? We’re building the Great Wall of Resources for Good Jobs in Edmonton and around the world (or at least the province). Bring your ideas and your notepads to pick up the best websites, businesses and connections to help you get the Green Job you’ve been after.

5. We missed you!

From the whole team at the Local Good, we missed you! We had a great summer, with lots of planning and growing. Now, we’d love to catch up and enjoy an evening with the fantastic community we’ve come to know and love. 



Tickets are $10 in advance, or $15 at the door (if space allows). Don’t miss out and grab your tickets now! 

Hope to see you Wednesday!