People of Green Drinks: Jesse Hahn

Since we meet so many cool people at Green Drinks, we decided to start interviewing some of them. For this edition, we talked to Jesse Hahn, who has been to so many Green Drinks events that he’s lost count. He’s self-employed and always has several interesting sustainability-related projects on the go. But he emphasized that he doesn’t come to Green Drinks to talk peoples’ ears off. He comes to learn. And we’re so glad he keeps coming back!

Our next event is Green Drinks: Farm to Fork on April 5. Hope to see you there!

Jesse Hahn

Hi Jesse! How long have you lived in Edmonton?

I’ve resided here on and off for around 15 years.

Was this your first Green Drinks? If so, why did you decide to come? If not, how many have you been to?

I’ve been attending Green Drinks since 2008 or 2009. They used to host it by donation in the basement of a little greek restaurant on Whyte Ave. and various other locations. I’ve lost track of my attendance.

What were you at Green Drinks to tell people about? (i.e. what’s your big idea / project / company / interest?)

I don’t go there to tell people anything. I go to learn. But if I had any advice for anyone at Green Drinks it would be along the lines of ‘if you have a project in mind but you aren’t sure if it will work, do it anyway.’ There is magic in the effort.

Who’s the most interesting person you met at Green Drinks? (i.e. who should we interview next?)

Alan Howat. Long time Edmontonian with an eclectic background and some incredible stories. He’s the founder of Maris Media Group and Green Business Canada. He’s giving away a trip for two to Iceland and sponsoring a ‘Green’ trade mission to the EU in September. Check out to enter his contest.

What do you do for work right now?

I’m self employed and hustle for Carbon Credit Solutions, Luxeum Renewables Group and am coordinating the means of production for an industrial hemp production project in 2017. 

Can you tell us one nerdy, quirky or interesting fact about yourself?

I only like two kinds of pie…

If you could instantly change one thing about Edmonton, or add something we don’t have, what would it be?

I think it would be nifty if Edmonton used geothermal heat in new developments to manage snow on sidewalks and roadways. This is done in a few places in Germany and Iceland. Plowing snow is such a chore and a constant temperature year-round may reduce road maintenance requirements. And it would be nice to have few more places where a guy can get hot or cold pie. 

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Tad and Jesse
We’re big Jesse Hahn fans here at The Local Good.