Green Drinks: the election #yegvote

We’re so excited to open this season of Green Drinks with The Election #yegvote.

We’ve invited council and mayoral candidates, the election savvy and educators, and most importantly, you – the progressive Edmontonian, to kick the year off properly with what is sure to be a fantastic evening.

We’re also looking forward to trying the new Green Drinks venue – the Yellowhead Brewery. It’s a larger space but still has that and has the warm, welcoming and local-loving feel that makes for a proper Green Drinks home.

In case you haven’t yet, grab your tickets here; it’s sure to sell out!

We have a wonderful group of election gurus –  the educators, the savvy, the community-minded with key issues –  the ones ready to get you in the election fever taking over the town. Join us at Green Drinks and . . . 

Vote Zombie WallMeet Yuri from Vote Zombie Wall!:

Vote Zombie Wall! seeks to make “sustainable urban development” part of Edmonton’s municipal campaign conversation. It encourages people to ask candidates for mayor and council questions about how they will support sustainable urban development. Planning like there is no tomorrow *is* a vision for the future. To protect Edmonton against the looming undead threat the Vote Zombie Wall! campaign calls for the construction of a zombie-proof perimeter wall around Edmonton. The resulting more compact and densely built city will be more easily defended, maintained, sustainable and affordable.


Edmonton Elections Meet Laura from City of Edmonton – Edmonton Elections

To assist Edmontonians in making an informed choice on Election Day, Edmonton Elections will be attending Green Drinks with information to help you get to the polls on or before October 21st. Edmonton Elections has information on voter eligibility, where and how to vote, and is also hosting a series of all-candidate City Council candidate forums between September 30 and October 10, 2013. 


Meet Mack from The #yegvote Hangout at

The #yegvote Google Hangout is a collection of local voices offering coverage of the 2013 Edmonton Election. Poli-enthusiasts Mack Male, Dave Cournoyer, and Ryan Hastman curate a weekly series of engaging and interactive conversations leading up to October 21st election. Guests range from mayoral candidates to your very own Local Good team.  You can also ask Mack about the the latest media and political buzz from his blog or the meta Share Edmonton – Election 2013.


Next GenMeet Carol and Ian from Edmonton’s NextGen:

We are creating a city that attracts and gives a voice to the next generations in the life and growth of our community. NextGen is hub for networking as well as connecting people, places, community and ideas together. Our mandate is to understand, solicit input and develop focused and practical recommendations for action about how Edmonton can be more attractive to the next generation and how it can keep them here. We have the desire to make Edmonton a better place to work, live and play in the future


image_2_12Meet Shanthu from Greater Edmonton Alliance:

The Greater Edmonton Alliance is an inclusive non-profit, non-partisan, multi-issue organization, whose members are civil society institutions such as: faith institutions, business associations, unions and community groups. GEA seeks to contribute to a Greater Edmonton where all citizens participate effectively in the public decision-making process; engage in informed, thoughtful and relevant dialogue and action around issues and concerns that shape their lives; have the power to negotiate positive social transformation and hold government and market sector leaders accountable to the citizenry; are rooted and supported in strong, diverse communities and public institutions.


CPIMeet Fiona from Centre for Public Involvement:

The Centre for Public Involvement was proposed in 2009 as a unique partnership between the City of Edmonton and University of Alberta. It was proposed in response to a demonstrated and recognized need for decision-makers and the public to actively seek, consider and apply the most effective means for public involvement. The collaboration is designed to advance research and learning in the area of public involvement, with the objective of enhanced decision-making at all levels.


Infill development edmonton associationMeet Tegan from Infill Development in Edmonton Association:

The Infill Development in Edmonton Association (IDEA) is a proactive advocacy group that provides education and resources on infill development to the community and industry.  IDEA helps to connectorganizations, experts, businesses and individuals in order to encourage high quality and vibrant infill development in Edmonton.


ActivatEDMeet Evan, Aliza and Dave from ActivatED:

ActivatED’s strategy is to connect progressive, engaged Edmontonians who are dedicated to creating a better Edmonton with progressive candidates who share similar values, visions, and goals. Our purpose is three-fold:

1. To conduct in-depth research on each candidate running in the 2013 Municipal Election and serve as an information source to the public based on our findings.

2. To provide united person-power to support progressive Edmontonians who have stepped up as candidates in the 2013 Election.

3. To show Edmontonians that they have a rightful and important place in electoral politics and engaging in electoral politics, beyond voting, is a key medium to enact systemic change.


#yegvotesartsMeet Meghan and Mary Elizabeth from PACE

PACE is the Professional Artists Coalition of Edmonton. They are a not-for-profit arts advocacy organization run by volunteers. PACE members consist of professional art organizations and independent artists from Edmonton and the surrounding regions.  The #YEG arts and culture sector is thriving under current city council and we need to keep it this way! PACE is asking 2013 candidates about their arts platforms – check out their blog for responses to date. They are encouraging Edmontonians to ask ward and mayoral candidates about their arts and culture platforms. #YEGVOTESARTS 




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