Holistic nutritionists take different approach to health

The first program from the Edmonton branch of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition completed this summer, and its graduates are now out in the world to educate people to make good choices, says Allison Landin, a recent CSNN graduate.

Allison Landin holistic nutritionist Truffula Modern Delicacies
Allison Landin at a farmers’ market with her Truffula Modern Delicacies line. Photo courtesy Allison Landin

Landin brings her education to customers through workshops. “There are a lot of ways to educate people, to work with whole foods to heal the body,” says Landin, who has also developed a line of raw, vegan foodstuffs under the label Truffula Modern Delicacies. “Give a framework of what a solid meal plan looks like and teach them (the client) how to do it.”

Holistic nutritionists look at “body, mind, and spirit” says Christiane Panesar, another graduate of CSNN. Panesar works on a consultative basis with clients, striving to understand what is underneath.

“Every client is different and you don’t apply one procedure to everyone,” Panesar explains.

Holistic nutrition is not a quick fix and both Panesar and Landin are very clear that the goal is education and empowerment of the client. “We’re not doctors or dietitians,” says Landin.

Christian Panesar, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
Christiane Panesar, a recent graduate of Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

It’s about getting to the root cause of the symptom, adds Panesar. “If we get out of the way, the body can heal itself. It just needs the right environment on a cellular, mental level, etc.”

It’s about bringing the body into balance and encouraging people to be responsible for their own health, says Landin. But people have to be really ready for that, Panesar adds.

Connect with Panesar at www.heart-food.com and Landin at enlightenedeatingworkshops@gmail.com or find Truffula Modern Delicacies at the 124 Street Grand Market, Earth’s General Store and Noorish.

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