Hungry for Food and Climate Sustainability? We Got You.

As we ramp up into gardening season, and the plant-parents among us begin fostering young seedlings indoors, we at the Local Good are ready to turn the conversation to…you guessed it: Food!

A favourite topic among every circle, food is one of the backbones of individual and collective human survival, and yet, some of our long-time production practices have a tangibly negative impact on our efforts to tackle climate change: they produce huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, and even contribute to deforestation (I mean, just look at the ongoing battles between farmland encroaching on the Amazon Forest).

And that’s not the worst of it!

But of course, we need to eat. And as arguments for unsustainable production practices begin to mimic the defensive arguments we find in our more industrial sectors, it’s time to take a hard look at agriculture and ask: Can we better ourselves and still feed the world?

Here to talk to us on the subject this month during March 18th’s Green Drinks Event are some of Edmonton’s loveliest, including Edmonton city councillor Aaron Paquette, University of Alberta professor Brent Swallow, public health practitioner Juanita Gnanapragasam, and local collective, Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton.

Together, we hope that they can provide a full-scope analysis of Edmonton’s food sustainability outlook as they share knowledge from their particular sectors and niches. We know they’re super excited to share, and we’re super excited to see you there!

Some of the topics you can expect these eco-conscious friends of ours to cover include:

  • Parenting + Building Healthy Food Communities
  • Resilient Food Systems in Edmonton + Backyard Farming
  • Prairie Farming Practices + Economic Development
  • Mitigating Agricultural Emissions + Improving Soil
  • Social Food Sharing + Bolstering Social Connections through Food
  • Food Recycling + Food Security
  • Waste Reduction + Climate Change Resilience

Any of these topics pique your interest? Are you already a pro in these spaces and want to share your knowledge with fellow audience members? If the answer is YES, then don’t hesitate to join us during our March Green Drinks event, details below:

Event Deets: 

Green Drinks Food and Climate Change

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
7PM – 11PM

Dewey’s Pub, North Power Plant
University of Alberta, Edmonton

Tickets: $0 – $15, or $20 at the door

We’ll see you there!

Locally yours,

The Local Good Team