i love yeg – the t-shirts


What are these sweet t-shirts about?

Let me tell you the story . . .

Tonight I was down at the Gogo Lounge for Nerd Night Edmonton (be there and be square). I learned about physics, opera and where I can find info for the skeptically minded online. I also had my heart broken when they told me that the science of StarTrek was impossible (#don’tyoutouchmydoctorwho).

I ended up having twitter war with Trent Wilkie and then I met Fadi Smaidi who is the owner of said Gogo Lounge (which is excellent – check it out if you haven’t).

“So why did you open up here?” I asked him.

“I really believe in the vision of 124st as the Whyte Ave for adults.” he said.

I liked this guy.

He spoke about having moved to Edmonton four years ago from Montreal and I asked him how he had found Edmonton so far.

“Excellent. I love it.” he said and then mentions a website he created out of his love for Edmonton. www.iloveyeg.com/

He sells super sweet t-shirts on the site to express his love of the city.

And people . . . he’s got a Purple City. PURPLE. CITY. #bestthingever

So, go buy t-shirts and show off your love for E-Town. Next time you see me, I’ll be wearing my purple city shirt.

And now read my hilarious twitter war with Trent below . . .