Local project profile: Indigo Drinks – a mixer for the YEG holistic scene

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Website: http://www.indigodrinks.ca

What is the name of the project we’re featuring here? Indigo Drinks Edmonton

indigo drinksWhat’s the story of how this came about? What was the need you saw in the community that it emerged from?

Among the many wonderful aspects of Edmonton is its vibrant holistic community. There are so many dedicated individuals diligently working at providing alternative healing techniques for relaxation, for pain relief, for personal empowerment, for healthy minds and bodies.

Indigo Drinks came about in response to a thought that bringing these individuals together in a community building endeavour could help them all feel supported, encouraged, and nourished.

Where one individual can make a difference, a group of like minded individuals can implement incredible change.

We’re striving to create a community that acknowledges the effort of the individual while encouraging the growth of the group and that affords healing for the healers themselves, which in turn provides greater healing for our city.

Can you share a few examples of how your project works?

The first Monday of every month is set aside for a get together at Noorish Cafe. Simple games are played to encourage folks to mingle, to get to know each other. Businesses may be discussed, but the emphasis is on friend making and idea sharing rather than business networking. Noorish Cafe provides a perfectly nourishing environment for growing many great conversations.

What’s the response been so far?

The response has been very encouraging. We have received so much positive feedback from people who come back month after month and bring friends. Some of the comments have been about how relaxed it makes the attendees feel, discussing what matters to them without having to edit their conversational topics. Many people have said that they can hardly wait until the next get together, while others have commented on what an amazing age and interest range congregates at these meetings.

What are the three biggest lessons you’ve learned along the way?

The first would have to be to never underestimate the need for support and encouragement, even among people who seem to be incredibly self sufficient.

The second lesson would be to never underestimate the power of simple, good natured fun.

The third would be that people can surprise you with their willingness to be together and their willingness to help each other.

What’s the next level for your project? What are you most excited about that’s coming up?

Two great things a-brewin’! We are celebrating Indigo Drinks’ first birthday on Jan. 7 and we are so excited about contributions to the evening — Jacob Bos will be there to take our photos (he’s the photographer who snapped that amazing photo of our beautiful city at sunset), Astraea Starr will be spinning. Many practitioners are donating lovely things for prizes as part of the evening’s fun. You can buy tickets here.

Indigo Drinks is about to branch out into Indigo Initiatives — event planning inspired by conversations at Indigo Drinks evenings. We are working on putting together a broad range of evenings, Saturday or Sunday afternoon activities filled with opportunities to learn more, discuss more, play more — all focusing on helping Edmonton’s holistic community to become ever stronger and more vibrant.

If people want to find out more about your project, support it or get involved – what should they do?

Please begin by coming to an Indigo Drinks event — it may be the very best $5 you will spend on yourself. We can guarantee that at the very least you will come away with an anecdote to share or a conversation to remember — it is our hope that you will come away feeling refreshed, welcomed and supported.

Check out our Facebook group – Indigo Drinks Edmonton, for ongoing updates on what’s happening next. And follow us on twitter – @IndigoDrinks

Check our new webpage – www.indigodrinks.ca and sign up for our newsletter. They are very new, but steadily growing.

Come to our first birthday party – Yay! It’s on the 7th of January at Noorish Cafe (8440 – 109 st) for 7 – 10 p.m. (Note – our events are typically $5, but because we’ll be serving up some additional fun, the door fee is $15 for January only but $10 in advance)

Anything else you’d like to add?

You don’t have to be a shaman, a yoga instructor, an aromatherapist, a sound healer, a massage therapist, a hypnotherapist to be a healer. All you have to be is someone who cares about what people can do to help themselves feel, do and be better, and you carry healing energy with you wherever you go.