Interview: Jonathan Luckhurst, Aquaponics Educator

Jonathan Luckhurst, one of the featured guests at Green Drinks: Farm to Fork, is a multitalented guy with a passion for both aquaponics and visual art. Learn more about his company, Sea to Sky Aquaponics on their website and keep track of their latest news on Facebook. Farm to Fork is already sold out, but don’t miss our next Green Drinks event.

Jonathan Luckhurst

Hi there! What’s your name and how would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Jonathan Luckhurst. Always attempting to try new things and attempting to do things differently when the situation demands it!

What’s the big project your working on right now?

I’m building awareness about my new business, Sea to Sky Aquaponics, which is focused on creating educational aquaponic systems for schools.

What’s the short story of how your project got started?

It’s actually through my work with another of your guests, Nutraponics. I was heavily involved in the construction of their demo facility and it sparked my interest in aquaponics. After completing an artist residency in Vancouver in 2015, I was inspired to re-locate to the Coast and begin my business. I now operate between both Edmonton and the Coast.

Can you tell us one nerdy, quirky or interesting fact about yourself?

After completing a degree in cell biology genetics, I did a complete 180 and started pursuing a career as a visual artist…something which I’m still very active with today.

What are your three favourite, most inspiring projects in town that you wish more people knew about? And why?

DC3 Art Projects, an incredible space for contemporary art. It hosts exhibitions that stimulate your mind and emotions in equal proportion.

Troubadour Cycles, a brilliant startup from Brahm Olliviere. He’s created a portable bike mechanic service that comes to you. Saves you time!

Truffula Foods, another amazing startup from Allison Jayne. She’s a maestro with food and has created some amazing things to eat…available at Earth’s General Store. Stay healthy!

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