Interview: John Steblyk, Ice Cream Revolutionary

John Steblyk, one of the featured guests at Green Drinks: Farm to Fork, is the co-founder (along with his wife, Jess) of Revolution Ice Cream. They’re Edmonton’s very own small batch artisan ice cream company, making traditional French Custard, vegan and gluten free ice creams for the people. Connect with this awesome YEG business on Facebook and Instagram. Farm to Fork is already sold out, but don’t miss our next Green Drinks event.

Revolution Ice Cream

Hi there! What’s your name and how would you describe yourself in one sentence?

My name is John Steblyk, and after 15+ careers I have finally taken it upon myself to make Edmonton more delicious.

What’s the big project you’re working on right now? 

My company; Revolution Ice Cream. Our goal is to create the kind of ice cream this city deserves. We are focused on collaborating with and learning from with the best makers this city has to offer!

What’s the story of how Revolution Ice Cream got started?

For our wedding in 2015 we received a small ice cream machine and we quickly started playing with flavours. We then realized there was a gap in the Edmonton food scene for experimental artisan ice cream. By summer 2016 we decided it was time to jump right in and see what we could build for ourselves. The learning curve has been steep, but the Edmonton community has been so encouraging and eager to help out.

Can you tell us one nerdy, quirky or interesting fact about yourself?

I once on a dare hitchhiked across France dressed as a cowboy with only $10 in my pocket.

What are your three favourite, most inspiring projects in town that you wish more people knew about? And why?

Arcadia Bar. Darren has built up the most unlikely of bars featuring vegetarian and vegan pizza, a strictly Albertanbeer and liquor menu, and a supportive local music venue. This winter he arranged several nights to raise funds and collect clothing for Edmontons homeless. He is hard working, passionate, and deserves success.

Poppy Barley are a home grown success story that has built a fantastic product and brand, as well as doing so much for mental health, supporting female entrepreneurs, and promoting ethical business practices.

Winding Road Cheese. Their goal is to bring Prestige and recognition to the alberta cheese. Ian is obsessed with perfecting his art and using only the best local produce to bring his cheeses to the world stage. He takes so much pride in the smallest details and it shows in the quality of his work.

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