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12 Days of YEG – A Local Good Project

Spread festive cheer from a distance & support your local community this holiday season!

We’re living through a scary and uncertain time. This year more than ever it feels important to come together to support one another as a community this holiday season. 


While we’re staying home and maintaining social distancing, it hurts to watch so much of what we love about our city come under threat. Restaurants, small businesses, non-profits, festivals, artists and creators of all kinds: all are facing serious strain. Add to that the ongoing climate crisis, and it can be hard to keep up a festive holiday spirit and find the best ways to help.


So, for twelve days in December, we’re sharing ideas to bring some local goodness into this season, while still keeping ourselves and one another safe. Topics range from from using your voice or your dollars to support local shops, services, restaurants & breweries, to discussions about sustainability throughout the holidays, to finding ways to donate what you have (be it money, time, energy) to support those most in need in our community.

We are asking everyone to support local this holiday season where you can and help spread some cheer and local goodness through the community. We intend to keep intact all the things that make the Edmonton community so special, so that when this crisis passes as much local goodness as possible joins us on the other side.

We want to know what others in Edmonton are doing to support local goodness this holiday season, and to share some of that goodness online using our hashtag #12DaysOfYEG . As an added incentive, anyone who participates will be entered into a draw to win a gift basket, filled with local goodness, on the Winter Solstice.

How you can help


Just follow us on social, keep an eye out for daily #12DaysOfYEG prompts and share using the hashtag. If you’ve got a large following or if you hold a position of influence, your participation and amplification will make a huge difference.

Partner with us

If you’re an organization that believes in supporting local goodness we would love your help! We are putting together a prize pack to give away on Day 12 and would appreciate any donation to either include in the gift basket or to help cover the costs. If you can’t donate to that, you can help us spread the word and encourage your community to participate. Contact us on social media (@LocalGoodYEG) or


The Local Good is a totally volunteer-run organization and we’re always looking for more help. In the New Year we will be looking for additional help from writers, editors, researchers, designers, social media wizards, and anyone who’s enthusiastic and willing to help out. 

Cover our project

Spokespeople from The Local Good are available to take interviews about the Twelve Days of YEG project. It’s a good news story about the Edmonton community supporting one another in tough times, and we want to encourage as much participation as possible. Reach out to 


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