Edmonton’s Dutch Treats & Farm Fresh Meats provides locally sourced foods

Editor’s note, June 22, 2015: Dutch Treats & Fresh Farm Meats has now closed. A new Dutch store, called Double Dutch, has opened in the same space, promoting imported Dutch delights and local farm favourites.

locally sourced foods
Dutch Treats & Farm Fresh Meats provides locally sourced foods.

When Dutch Treats& Farm Fresh Meats opened in my family’s neighbourhood, we were excited to have a nearby source of our favourite Dutch-themed foods. But we soon discovered that, in addition to importing Dutch goods, the store supplies a variety of locally sourced foods (grown within 100 miles of Edmonton), including poultry, cheese, eggs, and beef. Located at 12769-50 St., the store receives its products from Alberta farms that grow their products naturally.

locally sourced foods
Eggs are just one of the locally sourced foods Dutch Treats & Farm Fresh Meats provides.

The store owner manages a farm, Grazin’ Acres, in Two Hills, Alberta where he produces eggs, poultry, turkey, and lamb. The store also stocks beef, pork, and sausage from Loves Meats in Vegreville, and gouda cheese from  Sylvan Star Farm Cheese. Dutch Treats & Farm Fresh Meats grinds all of their beef in their store.  Although Grazin’ Acres is not certified organic, it is a natural farm, as are the other suppliers for Dutch Treats Farm & Fresh Meats.

Dutch Treats & Farm Fresh Meats is a great place to purchase a naturally-produced turkey for a holiday meal. Customers can order turkeys from the store in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Although the turkeys for Christmas are frozen, Dutch Treats & Farm Fresh Meats have provided fresh turkeys for their thanksgiving customers. Having enjoyed one of Dutch Treats & Farm Fresh Meat’s turkeys on a few different holidays, I can attest that they are delicious.

Dutch Treats & Farm Fresh Meats has been in Edmonton since 2009. The owners began by selling their goods at farmers’ markets in Calgary, and have a Calgary store location as well. The Edmonton store has a small and friendly feel and its products are well-displayed. The staff on hand are happy to take questions from customers about the store and its products.

Dutch Treats & Farm Fresh Meats is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit the store to pick up some locally sourced food for the holiday season, including cheese, sausages, and your Christmas turkey.