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We’re a small group of people who think Edmonton has some really cool projects to offer and some really driven personalities who make those projects happen. The current Local Good blog team has a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and often, we use those strengths to write about the projects and people that intrigue us. Driven by caffeine (we meet every month at The Tea Girl on Stony Plain Road and 124 Street, which has been very kind to a number of TLG meetings by accommodating many people and letting us rearrange the tables for the duration of our meetings), the blog team collectively loves telling the stories behind the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of this city. Have an idea for the team? You can submit information here.

Marliss Weber, TLG blog team member
Marliss Weber

Marliss Weber: Marliss Weber is the main brain behind Parodos Communications, a corporate storytelling firm specializing in social media community management. She is the voice behind many of #YEG’s favourite social campaigns, like WinterCity Edmonton, Shop 124 Street, Women’s Initiative Edmonton and eFashion Canada. When she’s not tweeting, she’s probably shopping, as she’s also the co-owner of the personal shopping and styling company, The Retail Therapists. She loves cheese, cats, wine and tea, and can balance silverware on her nose — a little known fact. 

Stephanie Medford, TLG blog team member
Stephanie Medford

Stephanie Medford: Stephanie is an artist that loves to travel but loves coming home to the community spirit and four-season fun of Edmonton. Her favourite spot in the city is anywhere with a good view of the majestic river valley. When she’s not getting messy at the craft table she teaches art workshops, bellydances, and goes adventuring. You can see her artwork at


Robyn Petrik

Robyn Petrik: Robyn Petrik moved to Edmonton 10 years ago and quickly learned that Edmonton is a great place to live. She is a trainer for a telecommunications company, and also works with kids part time, teaching them how to play different sports. In her free time, you can find Robyn reading, checking out local restaurants, and buying from local makers at craft shows. Connect with her on Twitter: @robynpetrik


Julie Rohr

Julie Rohr: Julie Rohr works for a local property management company, juggles photography and writing gigs, and enjoys life to the fullest with her precocious son, Max. She’s passionate about living local and building community in Edmonton, as well as books, food, art, politics, music, urban design, and lifelong learning. Find her online at and on twitter at @JulieRohrYEG.


Vivian Binnema, TLG blog team member
Vivian Binnema

Vivian Binnema: Vivian grew up in Edmonton and currently works here as a professional communicator. Although she lived in Victoria for a  year in Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s riding, Vivian missed Edmonton’s festivals, river valley, long summer nights and big blue skies. When not working or blogging, Vivian enjoys reading, yoga, cycling and socializing.



Crystal Lee
Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee: Crystal Lee has lived in Edmonton all her life. During the week, she works in the world of advertising and, in her downtime, she finds herself writing, eating out, and writing about eating out on her blog. She also thinks that, perhaps, being a dating guru is her next calling. A lover of travelling, she’s a little obsessed with visiting NYC (as well as other cities). Yet, YEG always feels like the right place to be. Her favourite hangouts in Edmonton include Duchess Bake Shop and the Art Gallery of Alberta. Follow her on Twitter @crystalcarwin.

Beth Harding: Beth Harding has lived in Edmonton off and on for about a decade and is still finding wonderful nooks and crannies to explore. She is an avid foodie and knows her local farmers well. Beth has trained in energy healing in the Algonquin Indian tradition and takes that training with her into her heart-centred business coaching and development business, BEST Events & Other Stuff. Beth’s greatest joys in life:  her child, music and cooking for people she loves.

Catherine Szabo: Catherine Szabo is an Edmonton transplant, and will keep using that as an excuse as to why she finds it so hard to navigate the city sometimes (although getting lost provides the best opportunity for discovering cool places). Trained as a journalist, her role as TLG’s blog co-ordinator and her day job as a communications professional allow her to keep meeting people with interesting stories. Additionally, she is a caffeine addict who owns too many things that are bright green (her favourite colour). She is not to be confused with the other Edmonton Catherine Szabo who shares the same spelling, similar career path and same make of car … it’s a long story.

Other blog team members include Rachel Foley. (Edit, March 2015) Also, watch for posts from new blog team members Jessica MacQueen, Kerry Precht, Elyse Williams, Jonathan Taves and Lisa Catterall.

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