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Thanks for wanting to submit something to our events page.

Before you fill out the form, here’s some further criteria to make sure it’s a fit:

We tend not to post things that are:

  • daily/weekly events (e.g. a class that happens every week, or every movie you show) but moreso ‘special events’ (e.g. a movie on topics we support or a special once a year party or conference). 
  • holistic or personal growth related events and workshops – we’d suggest you check out as a forum to share your work
  • activist oriented on issues outside of Edmonton (e.g. we might post something on the TarSands but not something on Israel/Palestine relations). If you have those kinds of events, make sure to submit them to Edmonton’s own Activist Agenda.
  • we have a heavy bias towards progressive issues around local food, arts, culture, lifestyle, sustainability, independent business, community building etc. We’re a progressive events listing not a mainstream one. There are so many good causes in Edmonton and we tend to focus on the ‘progressive’ issues. 
  • personal fundraisers for local charities or individual causes (e.g. the marathon you’re running to raise money) even though we think you’re amazing for doing it.


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