Not sure who to vote for on October 21st? Read this . . .

ballot-box-thumb1If you still aren’t sure who to vote for in this upcoming election, we’re here to help. 
Below you can read the responses we’ve gotten to our candidate survey. 
We asked our network, “What would you ask the City of Edmonton election candidates?”, and collected and curated the responses. 
The resulting questionnaire was sent to all candidates (with the exception of the candidates in brackets, who we will send the questionnaire once we have their contact information). No link means we have not received a response from the candidate to date. 
Just click on the names in blue to read more about the candidate. 
Not sure what Ward you’re in? Just click here and find out (it takes a while to load).


Mayoral Candidates:  Kristine Acielo – Kerry Diotte – Don Iveson – Karen Leibovici – Josh Semotiuk – Gordon Ward


Councillor, Ward 1: Sean Amato –  Andrew Knack – Sharon Maclise – Rob Pasay – Jamie Post – Bryan Sandilands

Councillor, Ward 2:  Mustafa Ali – Bev Esslinger – Ted Grand – Nita Jalkanen – Don Koziak – Jason Millar – Shelley Tupper

Councillor, Ward 3:  Rob Bernshaw – David Dodge – Hakin Isse – Dave Loken

Councillor, Ward 4:  Ed Gibbons – Sam Hachem

Councillor, Ward 5:  Rudy Arcilla – Terry Demers – Jim Gibbon – Mark Grandish – Rob Hennigar– Brian Kendrick – Michael Oshry – Allan Santos – Alla Ternikova

Councillor, Ward 6:  Taz Bouchier – Kyle Brown – Candas Jane Dorsey – Derrick Forsythe – Carla Frost – Andrzej Gudanowski – Melinda Hollis – Bryan Kapitza – Heather MacKenzie – Scott McKeen – Erin Northey – Terry Parada – Adil Pirbhai – Javed Sommers – Alfie White – Dexx Williams

Councillor, Ward 7:  Tony Caterina – Dave Colburn – Daniel Eniafe – Tish Prouse – Terry Rolls– Mimi Williams

Councillor, Ward 8:  Brian DeaconBen Henderson – (Nicholas Reading) – (Kris Szczepanski) –Heather Workman

Councillor, Ward 9: Andrew Gorman –  Bryan Anderson

Councillor, Ward 10: Ray Bessel – Hafis Devji – Richard Feehan – Dan Johnstone  – Michael Walters

Councillor, Ward 11: Rob Aromin – Sonia Bitar – Mujahid Chak – Dennis Gane – Roberto Maglalang  – Mike Nickel – Harvey Panesar – Brent Schaffrick

Councillor, Ward 12:  (Raja Abbas) – Chinwe Okelu – Amarjeet Sohi


The next week is go time for all the candidates, and they all need help reaching out to their supporters and getting the vote out. Want to make a difference? Once you’ve gotten informed, get your democracy on! Get involved and volunteer for your candidate of choice – even a couple of hours making phone calls or dropping off flyers can make a huge difference in motivating people to vote. 

Speaking of voting, advance polls are now open all over the city – don’t wait until election day to have your say! 

You can find the polling station nearest you by visiting the city’s website or downloading the free app.

And you can always check out the Election 2013 page on our website where we’ve gathered everything you need to make an informed decision.

{Editorial note: yes, this post repeats the info also found on our Election 2013 page – it was also sent as an email newsletter to our mailing list! We will be updating both this post and the Election 2013 page with the links as additional questionnaire responses come in during the final days of the election campaign. – Deb}

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