Shop for second hand books in Edmonton at Old Strathcona Books

second hand bookstore in Edmonton
The outside of Old Strathcona Books, a second hand bookstore in Edmonton. Photo by Vivian Binnema

(Editor’s note: Old Strathcona Books closed in 2014. You can find a post about other great independent bookstores in Edmonton to visit here, as well as posts about Page Turners Bookshop and Audreys.)

Old Strathcona Books, located at 8104 Gateway Boulevard, is a gem among second hand bookstores in Edmonton. Shelves and shelves of books on a variety of topics line the walls of the well-lit store. The store’s labeling system allows customers to navigate the numerous bookshelves and find their favourite genres with relative ease.

Second hand bookstore in Edmonton
Photo by Vivian Binnema

I have an insatiable appetite for reading, so second hand bookstores appeal to me for a few reasons. First, they carry out-of-print books that I cannot find in new bookstores or in the library. Second, several second hand bookstores in Edmonton allow their customers to exchange books they no longer need either for store credit or for cash. Finally, second hand booksellers sell their merchandise at less than its original value, meaning customers can save money on book purchases.

Old Strathcona Books presents a perfect example of the advantages of second hand bookstores. The store owner gave me a few details about the book selection, trading policies, and special benefits the store offers.

The collection of books at Old Strathcona Books exceeds 30,000, and ranges from Canadian literature, to history, languages, and science-fiction and fantasy. They also have an impressive children’s book collection, located in their kids’ corner, and they encourage children to visit their store. Teachers and librarians are invited to purchase books for their schools for a discounted price.

second hand bookstore in Edmonton
Inside Old Strathcona Books. Photo by Vivian Binnema

Old Strathcona Books buys and sells used books in good condition. Customers can sell their books to the store Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 3pm, and Saturday from 10am to 1pm. Sellers can choose to receive 20 per cent of the book’s original price in store credit or 10 per cent in cash. The store has a few policies regarding the genres and physical conditions of books that they will except.

If you haven’t already discovered Old Strathcona Books, consider visiting the next time you are looking to buy or sell second hand books in Edmonton.