Seven reasons not to miss Green Drinks: Local Food DIY

Green Drinks events Local Good
Previous Green Drinks events at the Yellowhead Brewery, hosted by the Local Good. Photo: Local Good archives

The March Green Drinks is just around the corner. This month’s theme is Local Food DIY!  

This Wednesday will be a night of education, green thumbs and getting the dirt on local food! Why should you come?

Well . . . 

We have seven reasons to attend Green Drinks: Local Food DIY. The evening will provide you with a great backgrounder in every aspect in getting your garden, from patio to backyard, going from seed to fruit.

1. That’s a really BIG food container
Joey Hundert will be our featured speaker at this Green Drinks, talking about his work around local food. What happens when containerization and aquaponics meet? Joey is digging deep into bringing unconventional gardens to remote places in this great province. Learn more about the local food under a different light from Joey and his work with Sustainitech.

2. Talking Dirty
Thanks to the professionals from the City of Edmonton with the Master Compost Recyclers, any and all questions you have about compost will become clear. Prepare for a nutrient rich garden this year!

3. Heritage and Heirloom Seeds: What are they and where are they?
What’s with all this GMO business and the politics behind protecting seeds? Why is it important and what are the different kinds of seeds you can buy? Find out from the lovely Seedy Sunday ladies. This popular international event is happening at the Alberta Avenue community centre on Sunday, March 22.

Sustain SU Community Garden

4. Let’s GROW together!
The University of Alberta is always ahead of the curve, but did you know they even have a community garden? The Student’s Union (SU) proudly supports this initiative for students to grow their own produce with a strong focus on naturalization. How awesome is that? And if you’re looking for some company in your garden, the folks at River City Chickens will be sharing their ideas behind chickens on the (urban) homestead.

 5. Your Lawn-scape Awaits!
Want a major change in your back or front yard? We’ve got two experts with very different takes on ways to dig in to your green space. Claudia Bolli is an expert in permaculture and can design edible yards. Beautiful and functional go hand-in-hand with her designs. Con and Rose Boland have a diverse garden with a mix of cosmetic and tasty arrangements that has been evolving for the past 30 years.

6. Want a garden win?
Sometimes, gardening can be a win-lose situation. We hope to make it more of a win at this Green Drinks, as we have some very green door prizes to give away! Let some conversations take seed, and you might go home with some sweet prizes by the end of the evening, including everything from bamboo cutlery sets to a germination kit.

7. Shake those Winter Blues!
We know it’s white outside, so what better way to shake off those winter blues than to think forward to springtime with sprouts, garden design and compost bins!  

It’s going to be a great night! Come show off your green thumbs, or figure how to become a little greener, at the Yellowhead Brewery on March 4 from 7 to 10 p.m. You can join the conversation with #yegfood. Don’t miss this great event and grab your tickets today.