Seven reasons to attend Green Drinks: Hidden Gems

It has been an excellent season, so come join us on Wednesday, May 6, at the Yellowhead Brewery for our final Green Drinks! What better way to kick start the spring and summer than by sharing and discovering the amazing places and spaces Edmonton has to offer? We are pleased to host: Hidden Gems. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t miss this Wednesday!

Photo by Jon Cohen
Photo by Jon Cohen

1. Not one, but TWO incredibly passionate individuals share their journey into the heart of Edmonton Print-WhiteBG_0002_Layer Comp 3
Shayne Woodsmith and Gillian Thomson have found Edmonton to hold many unique people and places; they host Faces of Edmonton and The Noteworthy respectively. Our two featured speakers have been exploring Edmonton through interviews, discovering beautiful stories and intriguing hidden gems. Join us to hear them share their stories and what they’ve found about our stories.

2. Discover a secret and not-so-secret garden!
Hopefully you have made the trek to see the University of Alberta’s Devonian Botanic Garden near Devon, Alta., which boasts a stunning 240-acre cultivated garden, plant collections, indoor showhouses, and extensive nature trail system. But, have you heard of the Secret Garden in #yeg? 

3. Above and beyond our attending guests, other local businesses have donated door prizes

Extra goodies from Mother Earth Essentials (lotion), Knifewear (two tickets to a knife class) & Red Sparrow Gallery ($100 off a $350+ custom piece). Every time, the team at  The Local Good “complains” about how we can’t enter in for the door prizes, but this one really hurts. You’re welcome, friends!

4. Curious about some of #yeg’s inventions?
Look no further! Due to an assignment at the University of Alberta and a clever idea, Rhynopack was born. Need we say more?

5. Go green this summer — EBC’s got your backmap
There is a community for everyone in our fair city; the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters and our beautiful bicycle community goes over and above! Check them out for a handy space for a tune up, a biking buddy, a whole tour,  or a refurbished bike.

6. Surprise! Local shopping when you least expect it
Edmonton is bursting with creative entrepreneurs and On the Spot Pop Up brings them front and centre. The folks at OtSPU know the most niche location and the best artisans. Plus, they’re bringing a local product goodie bag, so you might walk out of the Yellowhead with some hidden gems.

7. Bored? Perhaps you actually need a board. . .
Table Top Cafe boasts an extensive collection of board games to be enjoyed. An excellent twist to the classic coffee shop; bring a friend or discover one over Risk! They’ve recently celebrated one year, and with over 400 board games to play, they’re playing the long game. You may also start your own board game collection as TTC will bringing Camel Up to give away.

This is our last Green Drinks of the 2014-15 season, so please come say hello before we take a break for the summer. Save money and time and pick up your tickets now on Eventbrite — they’re $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Then, we’ll send you off with great ideas and intriguing locations to spend your summer exploring Edmonton’s Hidden Gems. (If you really, truly can’t make it, play the home game on Twitter with #yeghiddengems, and watch the blog in the upcoming months for some fun map-making projects that we’re planning to work on coming out of this Green Drinks!)