#yegfood Recipe from Slow Food Edmonton

bethbee-recipes-journal-lgAt our recent Green Drinks Edmonton: Your Local Food Tools, we asked attendees to connect to the local food community via ingredients. Now, la piece de resistance – the recipes!

Each of the #yegfood presenters were asked to provide a recipe. One they loved, that can easily include local items and should be shared with you. Please enjoy the following recipe, follow-up on this organization’s local food tools and eat local!

From Chad Moss of Slow Food Edmonton, Shovel & Fork

Something Truly Worth Eating

Thoughtful consideration for what you are about to prepare – add as much as you can find.
A food or product that a person you know actually cared about – the closer to your inner circle of friends and family the better.
Season with Local, Organic, and “hard work paid off” – the last ingredient is especially hard to come by, as it can’t be bought.
 Slow Food Edmonton
Combine above ingredients while sharing knowledge, preferably intergenerational, or while developing a new skill.
Garnish liberally with ‘reflection’ for all the people who make your meal possible and give thanks for their dedication.
Celebrate your creation with everyone you meet, knowing it will enrich their lives.