Storify: #28DaysOfYEG week 2 recap

Are you playing along with our #28DaysOfYEG challenge? You still have two weeks to join the fun! Check our list of ways you can enjoy winter in Edmonton, then read on to get inspired by our blog team’s adventures completing the list and our weekly Storify recap. Check back each week for updates!

Oliver community crest
Noticed an Oliver community crest on Winter Walk Day, walking home from work. Photo: Catherine Szabo

No. 3 Tell us how you participated in Winter Walk Day on Feb. 3. Where did you wander?

I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to my job and/or walk to the LRT station to get to my job. Depending on the “walk” lights in the morning, I can take any number of routes to the Grandin LRT stations, and any combination of ways home. On Wednesday, I noticed this sticker on the pedestrian light post — a good reminder that not only are these crests really cool, but I need to get a T-shirt or two as well (Habitat carried them, at least for a while …)

No. 13: Forget about the #wintercity stuff for a day and pretend it’s summer. Warm up in an indoor sauna, put on your flip flops and head to a waterpark or splash around at one of the city’s recreation centres.

As part of a competitive masters synchronized swimming team, I have no choice but to get in the water at least once, and usually twice, a week. This week it could have easily been confused with a polar bear dip — the normally comfortable temperature of the pool was a little on the cool side of chilly Saturday morning!

No. 19: If it’s too cold outside, cozy up with a book or head to the nearest public library, which often hosts free community events.

PSA: the next EPL Books2Buy is next weekend, Feb. 19 to 21. So I’m trying to figure out how many books is humanly possible to get through, to make some room on my book shelves. Right now, I’m working my way through Amy Tan’s Saving Fish from Drowning, which, if I remember correctly, was a previous Books2Buy find. (If not, it came from my mom’s bookshelf, which is also a pretty good, and pretty constant, source of books.)

Clothing swap
The “before” bag — what came out of my closet for the clothing swap. Photo: Catherine Szabo

No. 23 Take some time this month for some winter cleaning and figure out how to reduce waste in a sustainable way, such as participating in a clothing swap.

One of my friends and her roommate live in an apartment you can comfortably fit 20 girls and half of their closets in, making it the ideal space for a clothing swap. They just held their most recent one, and I was

Clothing swap
The results of the clothing swap. Photo: Catherine Szabo

able to psych myself up to do the best clean-out of my closet yet — basically a full garbage bag. I also only allowed myself to come home with five items (which actually turned into 10, because there was a tunic and skirt I didn’t see the first time, and my friend was getting rid of some books and DVDs too). Still, pretty good.