Storify: 4th Annual Good Hundred inspires attendees


Good 100 circle panoramic
Our friend Lewis Cardinal explained at the beginning of the Good Hundred 2015 that circles are a unity symbol, and when practiced, carry reminders of trust and support. This theme carried through the weekend, enabling vulnerability, active listening, and project support as needed. As we found ourselves in the circle again throughout the weekend, it seemed to grow stronger, as these strangers became known as community builders and new friends. (Photo by Judi Keefe)

What’s your project? Wondering how to take it to the next level? Imagine being part of an unsectored gathering of Edmonton do-gooders eager to share their project ideas and help each other make them even more awesome. Really, it’s incredible that anyone finds time to tweet. 

Here is a recap of the Good Hundred gathering on May 30-31, 2015, in the tweets and Instagram posts of the participants:

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