Edmonton Summer Streetcar Show

Dana Wylie will be performing this month's Secret Streetcar Show.
Dana Wylie. Photo Supplied

The sun sits low in the sky as the streetcar pulls onto the High Level Bridge. The passengers chat and enjoy the incredible view high above the North Saskatchewan. The musicians set up amidst the friendly chatter and laughter, then a hush fills the car as serene vocals and accompanying instruments begin their performance. If you haven’t been on a secret streetcar show before, take some time out this Friday, Aug. 30, and jump aboard the legendary streetcar to enjoy this memorable experience.

Dana Wylie, a local singer-songwriter, will be taking the stage (or rather… floor?) Friday evening along with Bob Tildesley on trumpet and Kirsten Elliott on flute. Wylie’s musical style ranges from folk to jazz, with a a striking voice weaving it all together. You will be enchanted, delighted and inspired by this trio as they serenade passengers in the intimate setting of the streetcar.

Please note the trip starts at 7:30 p.m. sharp, so arrive in advance to be prepared to leave on time. The streetcar will stop in the middle of the High Level bridge, where passengers will experience a first set of music and some stunning views. After crossing to the north side of the river and a short break, there will be  a second set of music on the way back to the south side. Find all the details and buy tickets here.  

Summer Streetcar Shows pop up every so often in the summer and fall when the High Level Streetcar is running; there are still 10 shows this year! Join the Summer Streetcar Shows group on Facebook for more details on upcoming shows!