Interview: Tanner Stewart, Vertical Farming Evangelist

Tanner Stewart

We had a quick chat with Tanner Stewart, one of the featured guests at our Green Drinks: Farm To Forks event, about Nutraponics and other local goodness. You can connect with Nutraponics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Hi there! What’s your name and how would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I’m Tanner Stewart and I’m a vertical farming evangelist. More specifically, I work on Indoor Vertical Aquaponics Farming for a company called Nutraponics

What’s the short story of how your Nutraponics got started?

Back in 2010 our founders were trying to grow Rhodiola and Echinacia faster. They discovered Aquaponics as a growing method and decided to try farming vertically. The company and it’s mission evolved into one of building a global network of Indoor Vertical Aqauponics Farms globally. “Feeding the world. Protecting our future.” That’s what we’re all about. 

Can you tell us one nerdy, quirky or interesting fact about yourself?

I named my son after the gold standard of superheroes who fight for truth and justice……no pressure…..and I own about 8000 comic books.

What are your three favourite, most inspiring projects in town that you wish more people knew about? And why?

The Women Building Futures program, because it helps bridge women into roles they may not have gotten into otherwise.

Dion Lefebvre’s tiny Hempcrete House out in Weslock because it’s beautiful and sustainable building materials are the future.

Earth Group‘s amazing products that contribute to feeding the worlds children through the sales of their products. Their coffee is amazing!

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