The Good Hundred Experiment

#good100 panoramic

We are all ridiculously inspired after spending the day on Saturday with some of the raddest, most badass do-gooders in Edmonton.

From Deborah Merriam on Sustainable Slow Stylish:

On Saturday, I had the great privilege to attend the Good Hundred Experiment and the party afterward. The event was an unsectored, invitation-only gathering of Edmonton change-makers organized by Nadine Riopel and Tad Hargrave with the support of The Local Good. The idea was to put amazing people doing inspiring projects into the same room, get them talking about the work they’re doing and providing feedback to each other, and to watch the magic happen. The hope was that new friendships, new collaborations, and new insights would be created, to help smooth the attendees’ paths and make even more good things happen in Edmonton.

Tamara Stecyk has compiled fantastic Storify summaries of the afterparty (Thank you Tamara!). Click through for the skinny on the Good Hundred Experiment complete with the latest blog posts as they come in.