Bread and Local Bakeries | The Local Goodness Project YEG

Small art and love and beauty their trudging spirits knew

Yes, it is bread we fight for, but we fight for roses, too.

Today is May Day, or as some like to call it: International Worker’s Day. For many, it is a day to celebrate the labourers and working class citizens who have sustained a hundred-year international movement, and so it felt fitting to start this project with a few lines from ‘Bread and Roses’, a song and poem that thoughtfully articulates the continued efforts of the working class in standing up for the rights to which we both enjoy and aspire today: 

Dignity and respect are the roses, and fair treatment is the bread–bread may sustain us, but roses are central to life.

The Spirit of Local Goodness 

Local Goodness starts with sustenance. Only when we provide this can we grow into dignity and respect for each other, and into a stronger community. So let’s use our time, money, and voices today to support our local working classes who are there for us on the front-lines as we look courageously into the economic unknown. And let’s “toast” to a future where workers in every industry are safe, protected, and considered more than just a number!

Educate Yourself

With your time today, learn more about the labour history in this province, and across Canada. There are a great number of excellent publications on this topic available through the Edmonton Public Library, many of which come in eBook format, such as Decolonizing Employment by Shauna McKinnon, and “Just Labour” from A Canadian Journal of Work and Society.  

“Bread and Roses” is for instance closely associated with the 1912 Lawrence textile strike, led by women immigrating to the United States. There are a great number of resources you can go to on this and other topics, starting here, with the Alberta Labour History Institute Website. There are even some downloadable pro-movement coloring pages for you and the kids to enjoy here!

‘Get That Bread’ 

With your money, buy some bread today or other baked goods from a local bakery. We’ve listed some excellent store options at the end of this article for those who want to support local economic resilience, as well as those businesses who are taking specific steps to show that they care by adapting to accommodate for customer safety. This might also be a great time to make your own bread, and put your owns hands to work–so make sure to practice proper grocery-store safety when you head out for supplies. 

Project Your Voice 

With your voice, you can support your position on recent cuts to labour funding, or sign a petition through Even starting the conversation or sharing articles on the topic to boost awareness across the city could be considered a local “good” as long as it promotes learning and conversation. 

You can also support local front-line workers by bringing up safety tips with your families and friends when you’re out shopping, and how to best keep both our essential and non-essential front-line workers safe, or posting those tips to your feed. And be sure to make a #LocalGoodnessYEG post about the bread or other baked goods you bought from a local bakery in town! 


Remember, anything that you do toward promoting local goodness counts. Whether you’re using your time, voice, or money to ease the strain for others during this time, your efforts deserved to be recognized! So don’t pause to ask whether your #LocalGoodnessYEG is good enough: if you’ve made some positive action today, we want to hear about it! 

A Short List of Local “Good” Bakeries 

Bon Ton Bakery


Four people at a time, no reusable containers. Phone and email pre-orders available. Payment by credit card. Must order by 4pm previous day. Curbside delivery, text name and vehicle to 780-850-8720.

Portuguese Canadian Bakery


Pick-up only, accepting phone orders a day ahead. Call (780) 413-4056.

Handy Bakery


Open for take out. Distancing and sanitization measures in-store. Delivery orders over $20 are completely free, orders under $20 are subject to a $5 fee. Orders placed and paid for over the phone. Call 780-915-1063.

The Bread Truck


Cash only, pre-order over the phone (780 200-1441) or at prior to 10 pm the night prior to delivery. $5.95 fee for delivery, over $30, free!

Duchess Bake Shop


Delivery only, online orders or by phone between 10 – 6 pm Tuesday to Saturday, Delivery available between 9:30am-6pm for Edmonton Metro area, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park. FREE delivery over $35, otherwise $10

Brio Bakery


 Orders can be placed by email to or in person at the bakery. Orders require confirmation, and must be placed by 3 pm the day before pick-up. Only 121 St door is open and only 3 customers are allowed in the bakery at a time. 

Don’t see your favorite? Add your own voice to the fray under the hashtag #LocalGoodnessYEG through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!