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Listen Local | The Local Goodness Project

The invention of music predates human history. In fact, primitive instruments have been dated as far back as the last ice age.  Music helps us communicate how we feel, bring people together, and exercise our creative sides. People travel all over the world to see their favourite musicians and attend grand festivals, but now that the world looks a little bit different, we must adapt how we support musicians.

Edmonton has no shortage of talented musicians. There are also businesses that we can support during this time to help spread some local goodness. Music can inspire, transport, and heal. It’s important that we support the Edmonton scene now and fuel its economic recovery during this harsh time.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

One of the best ways to support a musician is to listen to their creations. Music is made to be heard, so let’s make sure we’re there to hear it! We urge you to spend some time exploring and enjoying some of the wonderful music Edmonton has to offer. It may feel like the world has hit pause, but there are still so many talented people in our community working to keep Edmonton’s music playing.  

Using Your Dollars to Support Local Music

You can also support your favourite bands by using your money to purchase merchandise through their websites, Bandcamp, or even local music and record stores. What better way is there to show musicians you care than by sporting one of their t-shirts or purchasing some of the other awesome merch they have to offer? When you support artists through Bandcamp, 80-85% of the profits go directly to the artists, making it a great way to support artists directly.

Speak Your Support

 Also, now is a great time to use your voice to spread some local goodness in the community. We may not be able to go to a concert with our friends right now, but we can still share our love of music with others. Spread the word about your favourite YEG musicians through social media. Get the word out about the awesome work that’s going on in our community to support the YEG music scene.

Local Helpers

We can all contribute to the preservation and growth of musical talent in Edmonton. Here are some examples of organizations and groups that are involved with Edmonton’s music scene. Check out the links below to explore how you can still enjoy YEG music through virtual concerts.

Here are some places that you can support with monetary donations or activism:

Many of our local record stores are open for curbside pickup. Here are some local, independent stores that you can support during this time:

As always, we love to see what you’re doing to support local goodness in the community! Use #LocalGoodnessYEG to share your efforts, and remember that we are all in this together.