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If you’re an Edmontonian, chances are you know some of the very crafty individuals we are very proud to represent today behind #LocalGoodnessYEG! From talented woodworkers, artists, knitters and crocheters, to leather workers, tailors, and designers, the make-a-thoners who provide a basis for Edmonton’s culture is boundless. Better yet, these same crafters and makers have been finding ways to use that creativity to support our community resilience and health, and they could use your help!


 Craft Fairs move Online in YEG

Ask any maker in town, and they’ll tell you their best venue for displaying their wares are Craft Fairs. And while we are very lucky to have some of these fairs dedicate themselves to moving online–for instance, the Royal Bison Craft Fair this past month–there are still a ton of makers who could use some added exposure as they make, create, and sell their wares post-COVID. 

What’s more, even as we ramp back up into opening craft fairs to the public again, many of our local fair organizations are realizing what a great and accessible opportunity online fairs provide, and are continuing to look at digital options. 

A Moment to Help

Given this new crafters climate, we’re hoping you’ll take some time today to explore what these online fairs and participating makers have to offer. You can click through the posts under #yegcrafts on Instagram, or discover something new on their personal websites or online Etsy shops! 


Need some help getting started? Here’s a great list of upcoming market sales you can pop in your calendar!

Royal Bison Craft and Arts Fair (3 weekends a year; May, November, and December)

Indie Handmade (November)

Make It! (November)

Indigenous Holiday Craft Fair (look out for their Facebook event page in November)

Butterdome Craft Sale (December)

Create Some Cashflow

Many special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, with friends, family, and loved ones have been recently disrupted. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate and send them a gift to let them know you’re still thinking of them. Edmonton Made, a local group showcasing and encouraging shopping locally, created a great gift guide called Gifted. This is a great resource for learning where to spend your dollars locally, and it’s available at local coffee shops or online! 

Check out their latest 2019-2020 catalogue for anything from fashion, art & print, food & drink, self-care, toys, furniture & decor, and even products for your fur babies.


And if you want to do a little extra goodness this month, be sure to check out Make It!, who have a GoFundMe page where you can support those artisans and makers who have shifted their product offerings to support frontline workers and healthcare emergency staff! Any extra donations will be made to charitable foundations across Edmonton and Vancouver.  

It’s a Handmade Revolution!

With your new goodies on order, be sure to use your voice today to share with Edmonton what you bought, what you’re making, and why you decided to support local for your material creations! Use our hashtag to draw awareness to the Local Goodness these makers and artisans bring, and be sure to be an active presence on their social media as well! 

These makers want to know that they are making their clients happy, and WE want to know where you’re getting all your fun goodies! Some of our local makers and crafters are even creating local giveaways, so there might even be some free goodies in it for you!

Finally, remember to use our hashtag on facebook, twitter, or instagram to win your own free basket of local goodies from The Local Good in YEG!

Have we missed any major craft fairs or online events for Makers? 

Do you have some favourite local Makers that you’ve recently purchased from? 

Let us know under #localgoodnessYEG