The Importance of Performance in YEG | The Local Goodness Project

Today we want to take some time to highlight the magical world of dance and theatre within this week’s theme of #yegartsandculture. Live performance has the unique ability to whisk you away from reality and deeply immerse you into a world carefully crafted by music, sets, costumes and riveting performers. This type of entertainment is needed right now more than ever—as many of us look for an escape from the realities of COVID-19 and our ‘new normal’.

So why not ‘show’ your support today for the numerous dance, music, and theatre companies in Edmonton? Times have been tough for these businesses as they have not been able to put on shows for months. Your time, money and voice would be much appreciated to support this valuable form of art during this time, especially as many pivot to bring us great content through digital means. 


Take Some Stage Time

Use your time to watch shows and live videos being produced by Edmonton theatre, music, orchestra or dance companies, like RhythmFX. There are lots of free live performances happening right now—from burlesque to opera to improv (list below!). Another great opportunity would be to familiarize yourself with the performing arts companies in our great city and see how you can support them. There are way more than we thought there were, and all of us agree we’re definitely going to see a live burlesque show when everyone reopens again for business.  

Front-Row Cash Opportunities

Your dollars will not be wasted if you are able to donate to a performing arts or choir company in Edmonton. There are also lots of online classes being held for a small fee or “pay by donation” that you can participate in, and we’ve curated a great list of opportunities below. That way you can improve your arabesque or salsa like you’ve always wanted, while simultaneously practicing social distancing and supporting your local performers!


Speak Up for YEG Performance

Share your experiences of YEG’s performing arts scene with others through your social media, and don’t forget to use the hashtag, #LocalGoodnessYEG. Inform your friends and family about all the amazing talent that’s right here in our own city, and use your voice to amplify the amount of support that these companies need in these times of low-attendance and restriction.

Here is a long list of YEG performing arts companies that are definitely worth checking out:

  • The Grindstone Theatre
    • Sketch Writing, Scene Study, Burlesque and Stand Up Comedy classes available.
    • Online classes for burlesque, sketch, standup and more
    • Use the promo code: TWENTY to save 20% on registration
  • The Citadel’s 2020 Stuck in the House
    • Edmonton artists who have lost income due to cancelled projects or gigs will present performances on the Citadel Facebook page throughout the current hiatus
    • All artists are paid an artist fee thanks to generous support from the Edmonton Community Foundation. But you can help us continue to support artists in the city! Donation link
  • Rapid Fire Theatre
    • Offering a wide range of online improv classes from family Improv, to improv for teens and adults
  • Elite Dance Studio
    • Offering latin, fitness, hiphop, adult, kids, and family online dance classes
  • Edmonton Opera at Home
    • Offering free live opera performances, activities for kids and a live chat session with the performers
  • Dance Code
    • Virtual dance classes for youth and adults

As you can see there is a wide range of performances and activities being offered by our local performing arts companies! So what are you waiting for? 

Time to get moving, singing, and shaking while you show your support for these talented Edmontonians!