STOP, It’s Goodness Time! | The Local Goodness Project

Haven’t you heard? This month The Local Good has been bringing Edmonton a non-stop free-flow of ideas for how we can each use our time, money, and voices to spread some local good of our own. From bakeries to gardens, from fashion to books, we’ve brought you a ton of different ways to create small acts of goodness that have a huge impact in YEG!

That’s why we here at The Local Good are battening down the hatches and getting good people! 

See, we have this theory that if everyone in the city does a little something good, right here, on May 31, 2020, then we can start a chain reaction that’ll be felt by everyone. Even if you’re reading this months from now, you can still be a part of the movement. 

We’ve done the hard part for you, amassing 100+ Ideas for Local Goodness in YEG that you can start doing today. Whether you choose one act and commit to it, or feel inspired to gather a little “goodness group” to make big change (#trashtagyeg, anyone?), there’s absolutely nothing holding you back from taking a moment to be a responsible citizen, a total do-gooder, bringing some joy to yourself or those around you. 

It’s really that easy! 

Don’t believe us? 

Here are just a few ideas that you could try, right this very moment:

  • Learn where the nearest community garden in your area is, and go for a visit. Seeing others safely distancing while tending to plants can be self-soothing. For more plant-friendly ideas, click here.
  • Call your favourite local restaurant and see whether they offer in-house delivery options. (You could even educate yourself on why you shouldn’t order from third-party vendors if they gouge our local businesses!) To get your stomach churning on some more #yegfood goodness, check out our post here
  • Check out the wares at I A M, Edmonton’s own Indigenous arts marketplace. Even if you’re just ‘window’ shopping, you can still like or share pieces that really speak to you. For other ways to support Indigenous businesses, makers, and artists, click here.

See? Just like that, you’ve started a domino effect. Maybe you really needed to get outside and see other people out and about, working the earth at a safe distance. Maybe your local restaurant has a cheaper delivery option you didn’t even know about, saving both parties some hard-earned cash. Or maybe you find that piece you’d been looking for for months, and create a long-lasting friendly connection from the vendor you purchase from. Anything can happen. 

Whatever the result, we’re sure it’ll be good. 

Be a Part of #LocalGoodnessYEG 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take part in today’s #LocalGoodness project challenge:

  1. Click through our 100+ Ideas for Local Goodness in YEG blog post for a quick list of goodness ideas and get gooding right away.
    1. You could also take the long way ‘round, settling down with a cup of local tea, coffee, or beer to read all about Edmonton’s goodness this month from start to finish on our blog. There are plenty of ideas throughout, and you’ll be doing some good just by reading.
  2. Make that idea a reality! Whether that means learning, sharing, speaking out, or spending some cash on a cause you care about, it all counts. 
  3. Share some of that goodness online, and use our hashtag #LocalGoodnessYEG
  4. Watch the goodness grow, as friends, family, and neighbours around Edmonton fill in some of their own small acts of community goodness!

Want to catch up on some of the goodness #yeg showed during the first half of our campaign? Check out our half-way to goodness post, here!