Spring Clean Your Way to Goodness | The Local Goodness Project

With most of us stuck at home right now and disinfecting every surface, I’m sure you may have noticed some clutter in your house that you’re ready to get rid of. Although most donation centres in Edmonton are currently closed—there are still lots of ways that you can fulfill your urge to “Marie Kondo” your living space and ‘spring clean’ your way to #LocalGoodnessYEG!

Decluttering is not only good for your own mental health and personal satisfaction, but it gives a new life to items that no longer bring you joy. It also allows for low-income and disadvantaged citizens to have access to affordable goods. With the virus putting many people out of work, having your items ready to donate once donation centers open will help many individuals in our community access the critical essentials they need. 

Here are some ways that you can support Local Goodness with the resources you already have hiding away at home:


Many people rely on donations to be able to afford basic necessities. Consider using any spare cash you find while cleaning to purchase items for donation, or donate directly to a local shelter such as WINhouse, The Mustard Seed, or Youth Empowerment & Support Services so they can continue to provide necessities to those most at risk during this time of crisis. And don’t hesitate to use your own hard-earned funds to contribute to helping others in need. 

Use Your Time

Get crafty with your Spring Clean! Take those ‘found’ items you no longer need and upcycle them. For those items that no longer serve you—make a neat pile by the door and wait until donation centers open again, or try connecting with the great #localgoodness helpers through the services listed below.

Here are some of the businesses that are still accepting donations while observing social distancing protocols:

  • Homeward Trust
    • Accepting donations and curbside pick up from the online store at Find (5120 122 street). Open 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, and 10am-5pm on Saturdays. Closed Sundays and holidays.
  • Edmonton MCC (Mennonite Cental Committee) Thrift Shop
    • Accepting donations with strict protocols, having no physical contact with donors. Donation hours are Mon – Sat, from 9:30am – 4:30pm.

If you have some items around the house that you’re ready to part with immediately, you might even try listing these for free or for cheap on Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji. This method works well with social distancing protocols, as it is easy to simply sanitize your item and leave it outside your house for the ‘buyer’ to pick up.

If you are trying to get rid of pieces of furniture, you can put them out on your front lawn with a note that says “for free” (make sure to sanitize pieces first). If you live in a busy area, you’d be surprised how quickly someone will snatch up your once-loved items! And if you do choose to sell some of your old items, make sure to donate that money to a great, local cause! 

Sustainable Cleaning Supplies

After decluttering your space, you will likely want to do some spring cleaning. Avoid buying plastic bottles filled with harsh chemicals from the store. Instead—make your own cleaning supplies! It’s easy to make cleaning products with ingredients that you already have such as vinegar, lemon, baking soda, and rubbing alcohol. Try making big batches and dropping off some homemade cleaning supplies to friends and family members.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like making your own, eco-friendly and zero waste cleaning supplies can be purchased for the Edmonton store Re:Plenish. They also have biodegradable cleaning tools like brushes and sponges. Bonus: they will deliver the products to you at no charge if you live in Edmonton! 

Use Your Voice

Today isn’t just about giving, donating, or spring cleaning, it’s also about reminding ourselves of the privilege that we have to live in excess. There are people around Edmonton who are in great need and are at risk of housing insecurities, or who live without your standard necessities.

Use your voice to amplify the requirements of some of the organizations helping Edmonton’s underserved, and amplify your own efforts to help. Post online and use the hashtag #LocalGoodnessYEG to spread awareness and gain traction alongside our campaign.

Places to Donate in the Future

Here is a list of thrift stores that would happily take your donations once restrictions have been lifted:

Now let’s enjoy this beautiful spring weather as we clean and sort through our homes, the windows thrown wide and the local radio blasting!