Top 10 ways to support your favourite #YegVote candidate in the final 48

e40caac3-de4d-49a9-91ac-a22b29a2d2faSo, here we are approaching the final 48 hours of the election. 

If you haven’t gotten involved in anyone’s campaigns yet – you’d better believe they would all be thrilled to get even an hour of your time in this final weekend. 

Here are 10 things you can do.

  1. Most Important: Vote for them on October 21st.
  2. Go door knocking for your candidate. If door knocking and talking to people feels intimidating, know dropping off flyers is still a huge, huge help.
  3. Volunteer for them otherwise. They all need help right now. 
  4. Spread your candidate’s promo materials on social media. Tweet them. Post to facebook. Make it known who you support.
  5. Write a blog post about your favourite candidate and why you’re supporting them
  6. Write a facebook note and tag your most influential friends who you want to make sure get out to vote.
  7. Get a lawn sign.
  8. Text your friends a reminder to get out and vote. Make this the one mass text you send all year. 
  9. Drag your friends out to vote. Pick them up in your car. Be a shuttle service. Get them out to the polls.
  10. Read up on the candidates in your ward and make an informed choice: