Wild Green Consulting enhances gardens with permaculture

Wild Green Garden Consulting is a locally owned business, committed to creating environmentally sustainable garden spaces based on the principles of permaculture.

Since the early 2000s, the permaculture scene in Edmonton has continued to expand and flourish, thanks to the effort and support of groups like the non-profit Edmonton Permaculture Guild. The burgeoning interest has also created opportunities for local permaculture businesses to pop up in the city, like Claudia Bolli’s Wild Green Garden Consulting.

Permaculture is a “win win” approach to landscape design, benefiting both humans and the natural environment. It is a system of land use which focuses on caring for the earth and its ecosystems, providing humans with the provisions needed to live, and returning surpluses back to the environment to further promote productivity. It seeks to minimize waste, labor and energy while maximizing natural productivity. 

Permaculture installations might include a worm house, which turns food waste into soil enhancing compost. Photo: Elyse Williams
A worm house is an example of a permaculture installation, which turns food waste into soil enhancing compost. Photo: Elyse Williams

Claudia’s vision is to create beautiful, green spaces that nurture people with healthy food, while simultaneously creating habitat for native species. She offers at-home consulting to provide you with advice on how to make the most of your yard’s potential, to help brainstorm design ideas, and work with you through food growing and permaculture questions or challenges. In addition, Claudia offers workshops and gardening programs throughout the spring and summer. Courses vary from a six-session beginner organic gardening program, covering basic topics like how to build a garden bed, choose the right plants, and deal with pests and disease, to one-day workshops, such as how to build a self-watering bucket garden.

Through her consulting company, Claudia has also been a part of many exciting and fun projects which work to promote education around food and sustainability in Edmonton. Along with coordinating the Little Green Thumbs (an indoor gardening program for school children) with Sustainable Food Edmonton, Claudia has help set up food producing gardens and naturescapes at schools around the city with Evergreen, a Canada-wide non-profit organization.

A full list of programs, workshops and consulting options can be found on the Wild Green Garden Consulting website. Plus, check out Claudia’s extensive, five-year-old blog for great advice on year-round gardening in Edmonton! (Not to mention you can also check out this archived video interview Claudia did at a Green Drinks event in 2012.)

The Local Good is excited to welcome Claudi Bolli back as a workshop host at the second annual Edmonton Resilience Festival, happening April 29-May 1 at the Boyle Street Plaza. Claudia’s workshop will focus on resilient food growing in Edmonton. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.