Wish List: Non Monetary Ways You Can Support The Local Good

Wish-ListOnce a year, we host a fundraiser we call Raising the Good. In between those, we invite people to become a monthly or annual donor on our donate page. But, of course, there are many kinds of support that aren’t financial that could be a big help for us. …

  • two ipads to use for Green Drinks registration, email entry at events and general TLG work
  • a beautiful homepage video that tells the story of TLG
  • an accountant or book keeper who can help us manage all of our monies and give us an annual ‘Notice to Reader’ financial review
  • a Green Drinks banner
  • a Local Good Banner to take to events
  • a web designer to help us upgrade our website and stay on top of things
  • more writers for our blog (still have to be interviewed)
  • sources of funding from government, business and foundations
  • an app developer to help us make an app
  • Minute taker for meetings
  • Photography and videography for events
  • Office supplies
  • Event insurance
  • Gift cards for blog team
  • WordPress genius



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