Four Reasons to Come to Green Drinks: Celebrating YEG Hidden Gems

Celebrating YEG Hidden Gems
Wednesday, March 6th at 7 pm at The Common
Reason #1: Hidden Gems
This month’s theme is celebrating and sharing the unknown spots that more people should know about. The best sandwich, finest ethical fashion, best river valley view, funkiest art space, best grocery store, festivals etc. – all the hidden gems you want to share and to find out about!. 
Reason #2: It’s all in the cards
C’mon out and find out what’s the deal with the best night out for the progressive Edmontonian. It’ll be worth shuffling your schedule to make it to The Common. You never know what you’ll turn up! (these terrible puns will all actually make sense when you arrive).
Reason #3: X marks the spot
Edmonton’s cityscape is a fresh canvas for your landmarks! We’ve got a 4 ft x 4 ft map plus the map below ready for your hidden gems. You (and everyone else) will be armed with colourful sharpies and a chance to write down your top three gems on the paper. Let’s create a new map of our city, sharing the best parts with the best people! Make your mark at Green Drinks:
Reason #4: Photo Booth!
You + your friends + your hidden gem. You’ll be given a charming, framed chalkboard, some chalk and a chance to finish the sentence, ‘My YEG Hidden Gem is . . .’ and then have it immortalized in a picture as a shout out to your most loved, best kept YEG secret. Picture perfect, right? Our fantastic and talented friend, Rachel Foley, will be capturing these beautiful moments. You won’t be able to hide your smile! These pictures will be posted and shared on social media = you get to introduce people you may never even meet to this hidden gem.


Our last Green Drinks sold out entirely and people were turned away, so . . .
Get your tickets here in advance.
Hope to see you tomorrow,
the whole team at the local good
Deborah, Hannah & Tad